New School, New World

In June, we visited our local country school. The school that will take Little Miss from junior infants at a tender age of four years eleven months all the way up to an inconceivable elevenContinue reading

Tips For Working With Brands

On the back of yesterday’s post about the term blogger being a dirty word, I thought it would be apt to follow up with a blogger tips post about the dirtiest of dirtiest of bloggingContinue reading

Blogger Is A Dirty Word

Mommy Blogger is even worse! I’m not the first to admit it and I dare say I won’t be the last but when someone asks if I’m a blogger, I cringe a little. Blogger isContinue reading

Top 5 Netflix Shows For Kids

I am absolutely, unequivocally not embarrassed or ashamed to hand over the iPad to Little Miss and let her have some R&R with Netflix. The kid spends most of her day running around and practicingContinue reading

freelance writer

5 Steps To Start Freelance Writing

I’ve had quite a few people contact me in the past few months asking for advice on how to start Freelance Writing. Obviously, I’m no expert considering I am technically only doing this since January.Continue reading

Forgotten Holiday Essentials

You may remember how, in all my winter excitement, I convinced my parents to join us on our summer holidays this year. In January began our hunt for a relaxing retreat away on a secludedContinue reading

Hidden Gems On Netflix

Papa Bear and I have been watching our fair share of Netflix lately in between bouts of my freelance work. I find with freelancing that I have to schedule nights off for my brain toContinue reading

Are We Ever Really Ready?

Are we ever truly ready to have kids? Like really, really ready? Mentally, that is. Are we mentally prepared for the noise, the chaos the lack of time, the constant worrying about money and howContinue reading