Hello Little Bean

The nine months, the incessant worrying after a four week heavy bleed and clot, the intense morning sickness, the incredible pains, the lack of sleep – was all worth it. I’ve fallen in love for the third time in my life. The first time was with B, the second with A and now with Little Bean who will now be referred to as D. Hello Little Bean, welcome to the world and to our family. We love you so much already.

I have to admit folks, this was an incredibly apprehensive week. I spent my time crying with worry over the impending C Section and desperately tried to distract myself with chores I realise I should not have been doing.

But I have to say that the thoughts of the c section folded in on me and I grew more worried and terrified of the prospect as time went on. Obviously my worry was unfounded and the section was flawless. The team, led by an incredible consultant, were amazing, made me feel comfortable and relaxed and brought our baby girl into the world.

D is nestled beside me on the bed here in the Rotunda Hospital, Dublin and I promise to write up her birth story in the coming weeks but right now, I’m enjoying the cuddles and I will be back blogging soon.

11 thoughts on “Hello Little Bean

  1. Awwww huge congratulations to you on the birth of your little bean. I’m so glad to hear that your worries and apprehension before your section were unfounded. I look forward to reading the birth story. In the meantime – enjoy his precious time with your new bundle of joy with your gorgeous family. #KCACOLS
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  2. Super congratulations on the newest addition to your family. I only have the one right now but cannot wait to extend my family. #KCACOLS

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