LWI Blog Awards – I Made the Longlist!

Whoop! I’ve made the longlist for the LWI Blog Awards! Oh, the excitement, the thrill, the sudden anxiety to get my blog up to scratch! The email popped into my inbox on Wednesday evening. The day after my birthday. What an awesome and timely present! I’ve made the longlist for:

The excitement of course was short lived and I was barely able to register what this meant for me and my little blog.

Blogging is Amazing

I’m insanely enjoying the wild journey blogging has brought me on so far. But the reason I started blogging is A. She is the backbone of this blog.

Over Heaven's hill parenting family blog

And I’m her mum, mum first, mum always first. Sometimes parent bloggers need to remind themselves of this quaint little fact. Especially when at 1am they’re still sat, clickity clacking at the keyboard. We blog because our little ones have given us a wealth of things to write about. But that Little Lord or Missy Moo is bound to wake at 5:30am ready and willing to beg for breakfast no matter how many minutes sleep you’ve had. Be warned!

Good News – The Longlist is Here

I saw the subject line of the email “The Longlist is Here!” And schwoosh, my back perked up straight. The awkward Momma Bear curve I’ve developed over the years pinged into an almost straight line as I sat upright, agog at the email in front of me. “Hergh,” I gasped or whatever way you spell the wonky sound that exhaled out of my mouth.

LWI Blog Awards 2016 longlist Over Heaven's Hill Parenting Blog

But as I say, I’m a mum, and after a quick glance with just the most pertinent of words popping out at me, the email was closed and real life dropped the curve back into my spine.

“Hergh … I’ve made the longlist”

“Really? Brilliant. Can you help shut this window.”

Yup, a dodgy window was impeccably fixed by Momma and Papa Bear about fifteen seconds after my Blogosphere world was turned on its head. A shouted at me to “get off the windowsill, it’s too dangerous.” Thank you A, you’re absolutely right, do as Momma Bear says not as she does!

While we engineered our way through some fancy DIY, I could do nothing to stop the tomato stains that slowly crept across A’s brand new, crystal clean, white top, as she munched her dinner.

Window fixed. Tomato stains sufficiently scrubbed. A’s day bag replenished. Ironing not necessarily ironed well but folded amazingly. Ham in the oven,  cooking for the next days dinner. Bailey, the dogs, ear sewn back on, somewhat haphazardly. My night was full. Any thoughts of longlists, awards or acceptance speeches were out the window. Fixing, feeding, playing, hugging, singing and dancing were the order of the night. And I loved it. This is my life and this is why I blog.

The longlist was unsurprisingly forgotten about until I picked up my tablet at 9pm. A was snoozing, fast asleep and oblivious to how excited Momma Bear was at the prospect of her blog being noticed.


Now, I’m a fairly New Kid On The Block – FYI NKOTB – in the Blogosphere and my corner of the virtual world is becoming very precious to me. But I realise that making the longlist is not necessarily the biggest of achievements for those of you who make the longlist every year but for me and for Over Heaven’s Hill, it’s enormous! I will admit that my eagerness to make the shortlist has resulted in some promises to smoky she-devils, a couple of fairy rings, a voodoo spell or two and about a 5,467,853 prayers to the man upstairs.

Care to join me in the begging, wishing, praying and hoping? You never know it might work! 

LWI Blog awards 2016 Over Heaven'sHill Parenting Blog

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39 thoughts on “LWI Blog Awards – I Made the Longlist!

  1. Congratulations on making the longlist. I am also a NKOTB and also had slight palpitations when I saw the email saying I had also made the longlist. It’s so exciting. But as you said, you still have the realities of every day life and parenting which tends to keep us all grounded 😊 Best of luck and maybe we’ll even meet at the awards! #KCACOLS

  2. Congratulations! It’s lovely when something you pour your heart and soul into gets recognised. Thoroughly deserved and fingers crossed for you getting shortlisted – I’m sure that you will. Alison x #FridayFrolics

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