Blogger Is A Dirty Word

Mommy Blogger is even worse! I’m not the first to admit it and I dare say I won’t be the last but when someone asks if I’m a blogger, I cringe a little. Blogger is a dirty word! Lately, I’ve been invited on to the auld radio to chat to the lovely people based on some of my articles in the auld newspapers, and if I’m introduced as a blogger rather than a freelance writer, euuggghhh, my insides churn a little. Not that I’m embarrassed to write a blog but rather for the misconceptions that come with being a “blogger”.

“Oh you’re a blogger?” they ask with the whimsical intonation of “isn’t that nice.”

Well actually, it is nice but it’s also damn bloody hard work. It’s not as though a simple blog post can be hashed out in twenty minutes and go viral. It’s a full time job if you want it to be a success. It’s a diary if you want to keep it between you and the dog. Blogging is what you make it and how much time you’re able to put into it.

I’ve struggled massively with my blog content lately – for which I must apologise because I know I lost my voice amongst the random posts and the wayward track of the ups and downs of life but I’ve found my way back. Being called a blogger has a way of sounding demeaning or cutesy. As though bloggers dont have a skill or talent in crafting blog posts, or rather insightful articles. Bloggers are just messing about, aren’t they?

It may be that my attitude towards writing has changed since writing is my actual job. My career. The road I always wanted to speed through and the road I’ve veered onto with the oh so many potholes. But blogging is a skill. Writing is a craft. Put the two together and you have a very talented individual if you ask me. But “ah isn’t that nice that you can write your blogs.” Ugh 

I’m still a tad nervous of being introduced as a blogger rather than a freelance writer or journalist. Almost as though the term waters down my professionalism. I admire my fellow bloggers so much. Mostly because they are much better bloggers than me and have managed to find a balance with it all. I still juggle my blog like the clown at the circus. My fellow bloggers are beautiful writers, strong voices and dynamic people!

They deserve the kudos, the praise, the admiration for the websites they have built, the words they write, the following they have gathered.

“And what do you write about?” we’re sometimes asked as though we must be wracking our brains all day every day trying to find something interesting to write about. Something more than about how batman fell into my coffee.


But I’ve learnt that sometimes it doesn’t particularly matter what you write, how you write or whether your words spilled out in a confusing mess which only you can understand. You could write a 1000 word post and one sentence might strike a cord with only one reader. And isn’t that a success? It is to me.

For me blogging is about connecting, making a difference in someone’s life. Not in the world but in a life. And that matters. I won’t move mountains or even shake the trees but I might catch someone’s breathe every once in a while.

I still say I’m a fairly shit blogger but a decent writer so if I’m to be judged on my blog rather than my bylines I hope I’ll still get work! I haven’t so much as neglected my blog in the last year but have struggled to keep it fresh. My shitty bloggeritis comes from time. And being a mom blogger (double cringe) with two kids prancing around the refrigerator all day long, I have very little time to focus on keeping everything clean, new and current. On top of that, I stare at the blank page and wonder what the flipping heck do my handful of readers want to read about? Surely I’ve covered pregnancy, Mental Health and crying into my coffee enough at this point.

Two years into blogging and my writing has changed, my voice has grown and my thoughts are often introverted nuance. And I like it. But I’d also like to feel confident in saying that I’m a freelance writer AND a blogger. I’m not sure that day will come because blogging doesn’t have the respect it fully deserves. We’re voices in a crowd.

The crowd can be loud.

What’s new in the world of blogging and most importantly, the one thing I truly struggle with as a blogger lately, does my opinion matter? Does anyone really care what I have to say? Who hears my voice?

FYI the Boots Maternity and Infant Awards Public Vote has opened and you can view the list of awesome parenting bloggers who made the longlist for 2018. I’m proud to be on the list and if you fancy voting for me or any of my fellow bloggers then please do. You can vote once a day so do what I’m doing and share some votes around! 



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