The Blogging Best #1

A wonderful byproduct of blogging is reading other amazing stories, ideas and thoughts on blogs written by beautiful and fantastic writers. As a blogger you share your ideas, your stories and your feelings with an audience who may be unknown to you but who feel your words and connect with you. I’ll admit before I started blogging I did not consistently read other blogs. I would drop in here and there, never comment and rarely think about coming back unless Google redirected me back to them again. Gather round as I show you the Blogging Best for this week.

Blogging Best Over Heaven's Hill Parenting Blog

Over the last month, since I started my own blog, I have not only enjoyed my own writing journey as a blogger but also as a reader and have uncovered so many incredible people who are sharing their thoughts and experiences with us.

As part of the Inspire and Flourish Linky run by the wonderful Kate of The Less-Refined Mind I’ve written this post on the Blogging Best to highlight some of the amazing talent in the wide and versatile Blogosphere. Hopefully, I will contribute and provide you a round up of the Blogging Best every week.

These are just some of the blogs I have discovered and I encourage you to check them out. Bloggers are lovely and friendly people, drop by, say hi and feel their words.

Blogging Best Over Heaven's Hill Parenting Blog

  • The Mother Hub is written by Beth who writes honest thoughts on topics that are strong and powerful. A recent article on BREXIT got me thinking about the wider picture of national identity.
  • Laura is The Butterfly Mother and the final blog I’m going to encourage you to check out for today. She shares her honest experiences on postnatal depression with us and plenty of other topics. Her post on Hands on Dads inspired me to write a short post on our Daddy’s Girl.

I honestly could add another 100 blogs to the Blogging Best but there’s something special about finding a blog that you enjoy all by yourself. As I’ve mentioned before I am only blogging a little over a month but each and every blogger I have come across has encouraged and supported me to keep steady on my blogging journey.  They inspire me with every post I read to continue writing.

Join the conversation with us and happy reading!Blogging Best Over Heaven's Hill Parenting Blog

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11 thoughts on “The Blogging Best #1

  1. Lovely idea to write a post for a linky and the fact that I am in it is not too bad either 😄 More seriously, you are so right about people inspiring each others. Just shared on Facebook xx

  2. Aww thank you very much for the mention, that’s really lovely. I’ve been dealing with a grumpy Little Lord with the aftermath of teething- getting there thankfully! This linky looks great I’ll join up next week and repay the kindness as I love your blog also!

    1. No problem! I love your blog and sharing fantastic blogs is what this linky up is all about! Definitely join us next week if you can. Poor little lord, hope he gets a reprieve from the teeth. It’s hard work being a Baba 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for including my blog and book on your list, it means so much to me that people enjoy reading my posts 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for linking up, Lovely,and this is a fab list! And so happy to have you back again. xx

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