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We’re back again this week with the Blogging Best Week 2. As part of the Inspire and Flourish Linky run by the wonderful Kate of The Less-Refined Mind I’ve written this post on the Blogging Best to highlight some of the amazing talent in the wide and versatile Blogosphere. This week I’m focusing on humour.

Let’s face it parenting can be ridiculously funny and oftentimes weird. We try, we fail, we get back up only to be shot down again by a flying teenage mutant ninja turtle. We often speed around the shopping aisles dodging this, dodging that and wishing our hero in a half shell would rescue us. How many times have you sat on the floor searching for Twilight Sparkle’s Equestria Girls long legs which flew out from a kinder egg somewhere under the sofa never to be seen again. We have the giggles with our little A and she has made life that little bit funnier and quirkier because while parenting is tough and tiring, kids say and do hilarious things and in turn that makes us parents come out expressing outselves in equally comical ways.

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So, to The Blogging Best #2

The Adventures of Beta Mummy is a must read blog. While it’s a very honest account of what parenting is really like compared to how we envisage we’ll be – usually we think we’ll be alpha mummy as we’re five stone heavier and waddling around the NEXT sale not knowing what the next 18 years have in store for us. Five Simple Steps to Becoming a Beta Mummy is pretty much where I lay on the scale between beta and alpha 🙂

This week Emilie from Not Just Cake reminded me how crafty and sneaky babies and toddlers are at depriving us lovely, exhausted parents from much needed shut eye. A, at almost 3 years old, still manages to come into us at least once in the night to ruin what could have potentially been the best sleep of our lives! Check out Toddler Tips – 5 Ways to Deprive Your Parents of Sleep to be reminded of how much you should cherish a good night’s sleep.

I’ve realised that being a blogger and being a mum are two tasks that are fairly well intertwined but also don’t work too well together. A has told me on numerous occasions that I don’t need my phone and B has called me a phone addict. In truth, I blog all day long whether I have a phone or tablet in my hand. My brain is constantly on the “blog buzz”. This post from Jo Sandelson at Heir Raising had me in stitches because I’ve realised I’ve dropped Down the Rabbit Hole of blogging and my family may have lost me there! And the illustrations are just spot on!

You know when you get a song stuck in your head and it spins around all day no matter how hard you try to shake it? Well James from A Life Just Ordinary hit the nail on the head with this one on the debilitating and frankly dangerous effect toddler toys have on adults! His very own private research revealed some shocking truths about toddler toys!

And finally a list that is the perfect “what mum said” list! Sugar and Spice and all Things Spliced gave a round up of things she never thought she’d say until she became a parent. The list starting with “Don’t get annoyed if you’ve put a bunny on your head” has been gathered over a long period. I guarantee you will read it and laugh at yourself because you know you’ve said at least 90% of the phrases here!

Posts like these remind me not to take life and especially parenting too seriously. Yes, there are moments that are beyond frustrating. There are days when you’re watching the clock until bed time. But there are magically hilarious moments that only a parent can appreciate. Just like this one when A tried to pop her fingers up Daddy’s nose when he was completely defenceless as she sat on his shoulders! What’s a Dad to do? What’s a mum to do… grab the camera of course!

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9 thoughts on “The Blogging Best #2

  1. Laughter is definitely the best medicine when it comes to parenting! From an outsider’s point of view the daily life of a mum or dad must be bizarre at the best of times, but it’s certainly a lot of fun!! Thanks for linking my post!

  2. Keep writing! I’ve read a quote by Anne Rice which I think you might find inspiring:
    Write — writers are made through writing and nothing els — so write. Write, and save everything that you write. Write and make yourself into the writer of your dreams through writing. Write your stories, your poems, your books. —- When you write, go where the pain is and where the pleasure is. Write the book you want to be in, live in, talk through, express yourself through, the book you yourself want to read. Ignore critics. Criticism is natural, easy and cheap. Writers on the other hand are rare and priceless. So thank the critics for what they offer, but never pay them any real attention if their advice or condemnations aren’t constructive or interesting to you. Simply move on. If you love what you are doing, if you believe in your voice, your story, your characters, your imaginary world — there are others who will believe in it too. And there will always be critics who don’t. You are writing for those who will love what you do, not those who think you should get a job at the local bank. — You make the rules for the writer you are. No one else does. You make the rules. And no set of rules is helpful to every single kind of writer. Writing is too individualistic for that. — And remember, the world is as hungry now for originality, storytelling, fictional heros and heroines as it has ever been! It wants new bestsellers. It wants to be blown away. The world wants you to succeed, because the world wants new books to read and love. If you don’t write the classics of tomorrow, who will! Be brave, be stubborn, believe in yourself and believe in the value of what you do. Trust your heart. Trust your soul. Trust your dreams. And make yourself into the writer of your dreams.

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