The Blogging Best #3

Welcome to another week of The Blogging Best. This week I am focusing on blog posts that have inspired me. Posts that have made me stop and think. Bloggers who have spoken to me through the magic and beauty of their words. Writers who have conjured up emotions, be that empathy or anger, frustration or satisfaction, relief or panic. The power of words can be immeasurable. Read on!

My Wicked Week

The last two weeks have been pretty hectic for me as I transferred to self-hosting my blog. It will forever be known as My Wicked Week – due to how frustrating and yet satisfying it was. The process of going self-hosted can be complicated and tiring. It involved a lot more than just flicking a switch. I have been tired and grumpy and pretty much non-communicative with poor B (sorry hun. Know I can be a pain when I’m in blogging mode – public apology has to win me some brownie points! Love you!)

Blogging best over heaven's hill family lifestyle parenting blog

The tech side can get a little unbearable when you realise how much you have to do yourself. I’m planning on writing another Bamboozled by Blogging post on this subject, so, if you’re interested, stay tuned for that post in the near future. I probably made the whole process a lot harder than it was as I tried to find quick fixes and cheaper options (clearly the cheaper option is not always the way to go). But I got there in the end with online chat tech support, friendly blogger advice and a bit of lateral thinking.

I Did It But…!

Over Heaven's Hill Parenting Blog

The road has also been liberating as I learned that I could in fact do this for myself and by myself. I’m pretty happy with how my site has turned out and I’m now developing my brand to make me a super serious blogger! All of this stress and triumph has come with sacrifices however.

My writing has taken a bit of a back seat the last two weeks and I hate it. I started this blog to write and the techy bits have taken me away from that. For the time being. I have about sixteen half written posts and ideas jotted down and they are itching away at me. They’re waiting to be finished and emblazoned with beautiful pinnable images and quirky one liners (which I may or may not have stolen from B).

I’ve been slowly getting back on the wagon with writing the last couple of days but to help me write I often read.  I decided to catch up on my blog reading and be inspired before I put my own thoughts down. I love the fact that bloggers are so supportive of each other and we read and share each others blogs and blog posts (hence the point of The Blogging Best!) I actually follow a grand total of 258 blogs. I can’t keep up with them of course, but I have a cohort of about 53 blogs that I frequent. I read near enough every post they publish. So, I have quite of bit of reading material for late nights before bed and the journey into work in the morning.

Inspire and Flourish

As part of the Inspire and Flourish Linky run by the wonderful Kate of The Less-Refined Mind, The Blogging Best aims to highlight some of the amazing talent in the wide and versatile Blogosphere. As a blogger you not only write and share your work but you also read others. Sometimes you are so desperate for something you’ve read to be shared and to go viral because it has impacted you that much – like the first post on today’s The Blogging Best list. 

The Blogging Best #3


Themotherhub blog

I am featuring TheMotherHub again and for a very good reason. Beth is probably the most honest, open and thought provoking blogger I’ve found. She writes with an integrity that can’t be broken. The post I’m linking to is Woman Vs Woman. When you read it you’ll understand why Beth speaks to me so much. So often in life, we will come across those that judge us for the choices we make. Judge us because our way is different. There is no right way.

“Let’s call bullshit on this. Let’s stop pitting woman vs woman. We are all doing this right, being a woman, because we are doing it our way, and that’s the only right way to be a woman.” TheMotherHub


Five Little Doves had my throat swelling and my eyes blurring when I read Laura’s post For Joseph on your tenth birthday. Joseph is forever a part of Laura’s family despite not being with them anymore. No matter how many years have passed the absence is still noticed. Recently, Laura, her husband and their four beautiful children hosted a Soiree Event in Josephs honour, supporting SANDS and raising awareness. The letter to Joseph is a must read, incredibly moving and beautiful.

“Because for such a long time, I felt so guilty that I had gone on to find happiness, in fact I was scared to feel happy again, unable to differentiate between the emotions of moving on and letting go.” Five Little Doves



Lizzie from Firstooth reminded me to be positive about our upcoming Staycation. The last one didn’t go so well with both myself and A coming down with the flu (in June of all times!) But with another week off coming up in August, Lizzie reminded me in her post A Holiday Abroad that B and I have to organise ourselves and plan days out. But a staycation doesn’t mean being tied to the house nor does it mean being rigid with our time.

“Sometimes it’s the ordinary moments and the days we put little effort into that we appreciate the most. ” Firstooth 


TammyMum#whatwouldyoudo is a popular series of blog posts from Sarah, aka TammyMum, who wrote a post on whether or not to return to work. It’s a valid question for near enough every mum who asks what will happen at the end of her maternity leave. The questions are not easy to answer and the final decision is not easy to make. Sarah has finally answered the question what would you do?

“So here we are, decision time. Mr Tammy and I have spent a long time not discussing the decision, for a long time we have been unable to find common ground. However being out of time and unable to put it off anymore a decision has been made.” TammyMu

Fear and Disappointment
Petite pudding

Petite Pudding has discussed a topic this week which has always been in my thoughts and left fear and disappointment in my throat. What A World We Are Bringing Our Children Into. The atrocities that happen in our world so frequently has left a gap in our hearts and a fear around our lives and our children’s lives. Innocence and happiness has too often been destroyed for families through murder and despair. When will it end?

“Can we teach our children to learn from our mistakes? Unlikely it seems. We didn’t learn from our fathers and grandfathers. The generation that lived through 2 world wars are fading fast. Unable to impart the wisdom first hand. I doubt it would even help.” Petite Pudding

And so ends my round up for this week. Through writing this post I have reread the above blog posts and again my mind has been left with questions. Perhaps, I shouldn’t have written this right before my head is supposed to hit the pillow. Bloggers keep my mind ticking over, questioning life, making decisions and pondering the world. And I thank them for that!

Inspire Flourish

My Random Musings

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  1. Good recommendations in there! Can’t believe how much reading I’ve started doing from starting blogging!! Can’t imagine having blog drafts awaiting completion though – one idea at a time is my limit 😂😂

  2. Fab list – I also love Mother Hub’s blog…she is fab. And Petite Pudding and Five Little Doves too! Aww I feel your pain with self-hosting but hope it was worth it in the end 🙂 I remember sighing in relief that it’s finally done xx #anythinggoes

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