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The Blogging Best #4

Welcome to another week of The Blogging Best. This week I am focusing on Parental Advice. Over the years as a new mum, I have always gone to the internet for advice. It’s easy, straightforward and no one is going to question you or judge you. But, unknown to me, I would often find my answers from blogs just like mine. Parent bloggers are a fountain of knowledge! Other Mums and Dads who have been there, exactly where you are now. They’ve experienced exactly what you need to know, be that how to help with teething or what cream to use on that itch! And sometimes, it’s just nice to know that you’re not alone and that someone else has gone through the same experience. Parent bloggers are not judgemental. If anything they are unbelievably supportive and we’re always there to talk to our readers. 

So, on my travels, I have read quite a lot of unsurprisingly helpful, positive and proactive blog posts that have eased my mind, made me question my methods (in a good way) and showed me that, yep, I’m not the first to experience this. This week I’m highlighting specific posts that offer advice that someone like you or me may just need or have been looking for.

The Blogging Best Over Heaven's Hill Family and Lifestyle Blog parental advice

The Blogging Best #4 – Parental Advice 

The Blogging Best over heaven's hill naptime natterWendy from Naptime Natter gives us advice about How to Save Money when Shopping for a New Baby. Let’s face it we all waste money by buying everything brand new or god forbid buying things we don’t need and never use. Wendy’s advice is spot on and really helpful especially for new parents lost in the clouds of pregnancy and baby bottles. 

The Blogging Best over heaven's hill irish baby fairy

Lisa from the Irish Baby Fairy wrote a post called 10 Tips on Enjoying the Third Trimester. I definitely could have done with this list three years ago when I was worn out, irritable and longing for the baby to arrive. I didn’t enjoy the last few months and was eager for pregnancy to be over. But I should have relaxed and enjoyed it and appreciated those final few kicks.  

the blogging best over heaven's hill naptime happy go mummy

Charlotte from Happy Go Mummy has great tips on reading with your child. As I’ve mentioned before reading to babies and toddlers is incredibly educational on so many levels. It’s an important activity to do and Charlotte gives great advice on how to get started if you’re unsure how to involve a baby or toddler.

Mim from Love from Mim highlights the simple ways we can go a little eco friendly and greener. It’s often thought that going green is an arduous task but Mim takes the preassure away with her post 5 Ways to Make Greener Choices as a Parent.

the blogging best over heaven's hill mum in brum

Natalie from Mum in Brum has included a post on her blog with very positive and proactive advice on preparing yourself for conception.  6 Things to Consider When Trying for a Baby is a thoughtful, straightforward and well written post to help anyone who may worry about conceiving. A highly recommended read.

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