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Welcome back to another week of the Blogging Best. I’m so delighted to be on week five of this series which highlights incredible bloggers, their beautiful sites and most importantly their resounding voices. This week I am focusing on Fun Montessori Style Activities for Toddlers.

I am very conscious that A is almost three and will be starting preschool soon. It’s breaking my heart on one level (she’s getting older, where has my baby gone) but has me excited at another. She’s an inquisitive child and loves to learn as you can see by our new Table Time Look and Learn tablecloth. I know she will absolutely love preschool but before she starts I try my best to incorporate Montessori activities into our daily play. Sensory play is one of our favourites (I’m slowly getting over the mess!). Learning through play in the early years develops so many skills – cognitive, language, social and confidence. I’m a strong believer that play is an important aspect of early years education. Bloggers have all the best advice and I’ve come across some great blog posts giving me fantastic ideas for us to try out.

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Indoor Entertainment from the Upside Mum

Upside Mum

Emma from Upside Mum has given me some great ideas for some simple Indoor Entertainment which are also great sensory and playful ideas for toddlers and kids. Building blocks, jigsaw puzzles all aid hand eye coordination, memory, and imagination. You really can’t go wrong with these ideas. I have found that rotating certain toys helps with A’s attention span. Over use of toys like her blocks, means she would go weeks without playing with them because she’s uninterested. These ideas from Emma, will help me keep A’s toy rotation fresh and new for her.


Montessori Style Activities from Adventures with J

Adventures with J

Laura from Adventures with J hosted a great guest post on her blog in June. Montessori Style Activities to do at Home has given me so many great ideas to do with A. I’m pretty excited about fiddlesticks and hadn’t heard it before. I thought fiddlesticks was just something I said when I was trying not to curse in front of A! Also, now that we live in the countryside, I will take advantage of the lessons in nature which are all around us now.


EYFS Toddler Activities from Arthurwears

ArthurwearsAs Sarah from Arthurwears  says “Play is the best way for children (and arguably adults too) to learn. If it is fun, we are more likely to remember it aren’t we?” Her post EYFS Toddler Activities has so many great activities for toddlers incorporating different senses, movements and imagination! There is hours of fun here for toddlers. I will prep ourselves for lots of these activities this weekend and I just know A is going to love them.


Garden Activities from Buzymum


Buzy Mum

Sonia is the Buzy Mum and I found her post Garden Activities and Crafts for Kids to be exactly what I’m looking for. We have half an acre that needs lots of TLC and I really want to get A involved in the garden and understanding nature. She has had a fear of plants since she was one year old but this is slowly being watered down and she helped us with weeding and planting in her recent weeks. Sonia’s tips and activities are fantastic and beautifully outside the box. I wouldn’t have thought to make perfume! This is on my list for next weekend.

So there you go, plenty of ideas to keep the kids entertained and teach them at the same time! Again,The Blogging Best is linked up with the wonderful Inspire and Flourish Linky run by the wonderful Kate of The Less-Refined Mind. With The Blogging Best, I aim to highlight some of the amazing talent in the wide and versatile Blogosphere. Join us every month and Inspire and Flourish!

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  1. Good stuff! When I had my Etsy shop a couple years ago I was able to cut out some shapes from a 1/2″-thick wooden board for the boys to play with. Super cheap, super easy, and the boys loved them.

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