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We are really missing our holidays and the freedom of lazy days and long sunny walks. Even though, A is yet to start school and we don’t have to go through the back to school rush and panic, we still feel the draw of the dark nights and the cooler days. Holidays are over, long walks in parks and picnic’s are over for the year. I was thinking about this when I started to consider collating The Blogging Best for this month and remembered a number of blog posts I’ve read over the last week that shared the beautiful memories they made over the summer. Check out these wonderful posts and reminisce about the memories you have made with your family this summer.

Over Heaven's Hill Parenting Blog
Deciding what to do on a lazy Friday afternoon last week. We ended up visiting Nanny and Granda and had a beautiful day.

The Blogging Best #6 – Making Memories

  • Paul and Val from Family Makes have a beautiful blog sharing the wonders of family life, their travels, and tips and tricks with us. They have a holiday home in France and gave us an insight into the wonderful days they had on holiday. One of the best things about blogging is writing down your memories and keeping those beautiful photos safe and in the one place. They shared with us beautiful moments from their stay in France and I’ll admit, I felt a tinge of jealousy.
  • I love blog posts that go through how the month was for them. Cheryl writes a heartfelt and wonderdul blog at Reimur and Ruby. I’ve been following for a while now. I loved reading Cheryl’s post on how the month of August was. The summer months are filled with holidays and happy days. Those days can be memorable for the simplest of reasons like when Ruby learned to ride her bike without stabilisers. I’m looking forward to making these memories and being able to document them in Over Heaven’s Hill.
  • Sarah from Ups and Downs,  Smiles and Frowns (what an awesome blog title) caught my eye last week with a post about a family picnic in September. Picnics were an important part of my childhood. We would get the bikes out of the shed early in the morning, whip up some sandwiches and bring a flask. We’d head out and spend the day together cycling the back roads of north County Dublin, stopping off in a field for a picnic. What I loved most about this post were the photos of a happy and smiling family. Memories like these are kept forever.
  • I find new blogs to follow every day. I’m so happy to have come across Becster who has a This Little Big Life series on her blog documenting the important but small moments in life. Her post from last week on Weekend Moments struck a cord with me since we often try to make at least one day at the weekend a mini event or mini holiday. Becster tells us in this post about the adventures she and her family had at the weekend.  Making memories 🙂

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7 thoughts on “The Blogging Best #6

  1. Some really great reads here 🙂 Summer really has gone so fast hasn’t it?! It hasn’t taken us long to get back into the routine of school runs and regular blogging again! #inspireflourish

  2. Thank you for the mention, so nice of you.. and I love that you enjoyed reading my blog post. I have come across some these blogs you’ve mentioned as well and it is lovely reading how other people spend their summer full of happy memories too.

  3. Thank you for featuring us in your lovely round-up. Such an honour! It does seem that September came upon us and suddenly all thoughts turned to autumn, but don’t worry, it looks like there’s still a bit of summer leaft in the weather yet. Maybe squeeze in one last picnic? #InspireFlourish

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