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The Blogging Best #7

This month’s The Blogging Best comes to you courtesy of the Number 4,324,673 and the Letter Z. The massive number is the amount of questions you will be asked during your children’s childhood (this number can be easily raised to infinity if you indulge in half of these questions) and the Letter Z is the last letter you will ever see because parents have somehow managed to misplace any and all Z’s in the alphabet, yep bye bye sleep. Through reading the numerous blogs I follow over the past month, it’s come to my attention that bloggers are wonderfully honest and open about how hard parenting is. We can easily bitch, complain, give out and have a good old rant on our blogs. We do, after all, own our websites and give ourselves a freedom of speech that allows us to rip open the truth of parenting. I’ve selected some blogs you may like, which give an honest account of parenting. You may be thankful that someone has said exactly what you are thinking… because trust me, there’s always someone else thinking it.

One of the great things about a lot of the parenting blogs I read myself, is the honesty that these parents write about their lives. Before I became a mum, I would hear about how fantastic it is to be a parent and how the days are wonderful. Rarely would the reality of parenting creep in. The days are more often hard than easy as we run on overdrive and fumes.

You may remember that I have brought Lizzie from Firstooth to your attention before. A couple of her latest blog posts really spoke to me as we all broach the daily trials of parenting. Lizzie’s post A Day at Home is Almost Like Hell shows the reality of siblings and how fights happen… a lot. I remember as a kid, I would fight with my brother non stop. I look back now and wonder how my Mum coped with the constant cribbing, the fighting, the endless questions and filling of needs and wants. Lizzie also has some great tips and tricks for Halloween from Halloween Spider Biscuits to Rainbow Pumpkin Jellies. Be sure to check out her blog.
Crummy Mummy is one of my favourite blogs to read and last week a fantastic blog post on how to boost your childs self esteem caught my eye. This is a topic I’ve been concerned with for quite a while. A is wonderfully outgoing with people she knows and has a beautiful confidence. But I’m very concious that this may disappear and we will have to contend with issues I have no idea on how to handle. I suffered with a lack of self confidence as a child and was considered shy. This post highlights some great pointers on how to help a child who sufferes with low self esteem.
four princesses and the cheese
Kristin from Four Princesses and the Cheese pretty much summed up life in one sentence when she wrote “Motherhood is a marathon race where participants must learn to pace themselves so that they do not die!” You may remember that I have felt the pressure of motherhood on and off the last while and Kristin’s short post on Climbing Mount Everest has eased my fears and guilt over feeling this way. Parenthood can often be a struggle and for me, its nice to know that I’m not the only one who feels the pressure.
If you haven’t subscribed to Petit Pudding‘s fantastic blog and mailing list yet, then I recommend you do. One of the hardest aspects of being a parent is finding the balance between working life and parenthood. I am personally struggling with the question of work and motherhood and find the balance to be lost on the scales. Nurse or Mum – is it time to choose between the two? is a very honest and raw post from Petit Pudding, questioning and grappling with something so many mothers think about. If this is something that has crossed your mind, I suggest you read this post and know that you are not alone.

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