Missing In Action

I’ve been missing in action for the last while. Blogging has gone so far down my list of life essentials just like so many other things which have gone by the wayside. Four loads of ironing are waiting for me in the kitchen. The windows still have that brown sludgy residue on them from the Beast from the East. There is a fine layer of dust cascading through the house that seems to follow me everywhere. The weeds have decided to join us now that the weather has picked up and the chickens, well they’ve multiplied as we’ve adopted two more, but their pen is in desperate need of enlarging. And there’s a one year olds birthday party to plan. I have a list. A long list of items that will never get done because I am MIA.

And Happily Missing

In the past two weeks my schedule has become absolutely chocka with freelance work. And I always say never complain about being busy. But being busy when your down with the flu, when the four year old has croup and the baby is teething, is significantly trying. I have work lined up with the Irish Examiner, the Irish Times, various parenting magazines and a graphic design project along with website updates for two sites I manage. Have I taken on too much?

Work Is Good But Time Is Poor

Striking that balance between keeping your kids fed and happy and finding the space to write has been the biggest challenge of my new career so far. Every time I get a commission, Papa Bear panics that I won’t be able to fit everything into my schedule. I’ve been getting more yes’ than no’s lately which is a happy surprise. Little does Papa Bear know that I have had to bump various blog commitments in favour of the paying writing work. (But I will still tell you about the awesome Booky Wooky from the Stented Papa and Missus. They relaunched in May and I will defo do a blog post as soon as I get a chance. In the meantime pop over and have a look. And there’s an hilarious parenting book featuring some awesome bloggers, including Alan from OMG Its A Girl, which is also on my blog related list! It has the best title ever! We need to talk about the conditions of my imprisonment)

But the blog has suffered which is a shame considering it’s the blogs 2nd birthday this month. LinkedIn shared my job anniversary with Over Heaven’s Hill and it was kinda odd seeing it up there. Gotta say, I’m quite surprised it’s been two years since I sat at home one night and hashed out my first blog post. Its been pretty crazy since then.

I started blogging with a very strict schedule of five posts a week including the In Conversation With series and my creative writing series Sunday Sit Down. Both went to the wayside around the time little bean was due to be born and with her firmly in my arms, scheduled posts went out the window and slow blogging became my new modus operandi.

Since I quit work and endeavoured to carve out a writing career, I have used the blog to supplement my income with sponsored posts or through affiliate links while still staying true to what I’m about here. What’s the point in a blog post unless it has some meaning or value to those of you who read it. You’ve probably noticed these posts and I hope you agree that they fit the ethos of the blog. Feck it, if they don’t, then tell me and I’ll re-evaluate! 

Supplementing my income through here isn’t as important anymore as I’m selling more and more articles and writing more than ever.

And Loving It

I forgot to mention how much I’m absolutely loving this new career. I still wouldn’t like to get the calculator out and figure out my wage per hour but being a freelance writer is so much more than the pennies in my pocket. The freedom, the challenge and the sense of achievement is worth at least a grand in itself! Or I may be selling that short.

But I miss the blog. I miss you lot who wander over here when you see a new post up. Despite my calendar being black (again not complaining), I want to try and work out some way to keep my meanderings going here. Because it’s good for me. Because it’s healthy to vent my emotions and balance my life through the Hill.

So I’ll be back. And soon. Talking about shoes. Yes, shoes and, fingers crossed, my legs squished into multi coloured lycra.

2 thoughts on “Missing In Action

  • May 11, 2018 at 10:56 pm

    Your honesty Ger, as always is dynamite. It’s captivating. I hear ya about being M.I.A. blogging wise. I pushed my 2nd blog of 2018 (ironically about me being M.I.A.) in April. Yep, April. Bloody hell. But similar to you in some sense, I was focused on building a self employed business capable of generating an income stream. It takes priority for sure. Your paid for articles are the same and I’m delighted to hear you’re flat out with it. Good on ya. Finding the balancing act between family/work/blogging/social media is a balancing act. Easier said than done for the most part. Lastly, thank you so much for the shout out for Booky Wooky & The Stented Papa – reading your post, it was a deadly surprise to read it #legend 😉👍
    Ross – The Stented Papa recently posted…My Two New Businesses – Booky Wooky & Daddy Bear GiftsMy Profile


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