A Million Thank Yous: I’m a Finalist

I am so excited to announce that I am a finalist in the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards 2016. I made the finals of the Best Blog Post Category and I am over the moon. This category was 100% by public vote so I owe each and every one of you who voted for me a massive Thank You! I was overwhelmed by the response to my begging for votes. So many of you supported me by clicking that Vote Now Button.

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This is my first run in with such an incredible award. I was super chuffed to be on the longlist and was ridiculously excited to then make the shortlist. I have to say, I’m a little numb at the moment for making the finals. I genuinely can’t believe it.

5 Tips for Returning to Work after Maternity Leave is in the running for Best Blog Post with another 19 incredible blog posts written by amazing bloggers and writers. The competition is tough. I’m excited and honoured to be one among them.

Awards night is on the 15th of September at Duffys Circus. How cool and quirky is it to have an awards party at a circus?Aren’t they clever peeps at the LWI Blog Awards HQ. We’re really looking forward to the night and to meeting some of my fellow bloggers *shout out to Lisa from the Irish Baby Fairy who is a finalist to two categories! Best of Luck Lisa!* but of course nights like this come with parental logistics.

Who is going to mind A? Do we make a night of it and book a hotel? Or do we manage to cross the city home at an ungodly hour? Do we take time off work, even half a day?  It’s one night but it will turn us on our heads to get organised for it. Our tickets for the Circus are bought, so we have two weeks to organise the logistics of it all. B and I aren’t especially used to going out and we’ve yet to have a night away from A so this is new territory for us.

I’m super excited. I’m extremely honoured. I’m incredibly nervous. I’m blogging three months and it’s already changed my life. To be in the running for an award already is unbelievable and it’s down to you for having faith in me and my blog, for enjoying my writing and supporting me. Again thank you for believing in me.

The puppies, feathers, coffee beans and vintage suitcases I promised in exchange for votes will be carefully wrapped and shipped off to you and your imagination in the next few days once I get my head around being a finalist 🙂

FYI I’m currently hunting down a hypnotist who can help me with my fear of clowns! If you know anyone, give me a shout.

Wish me luck 🙂

10 thoughts on “A Million Thank Yous: I’m a Finalist

    1. Thank you Stef, I’ll admit I’m not holding out hopes for an award but really looking forward to the night. Just heard that a lot of people are dressing up circus theme so eeek im going to be a terrified mess I reckon

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