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I Need Your Vote – LWI Blog Awards Shortlist

Awards you say? Why, yes, please! Do you remember when, in a mad flurry, I scribbled a post about how my young blog was longlisted for the LWI Blog Awards last month? Well, this young and fresh blog has managed to zoom on forward and has been shortlisted for said awards. In two categories no less! This little old blog author is leaning on a pole on cloud nine trying to look cool but clearly can’t keep her feet on the ground! I need your votes to help me swing it to the finalist stage! Oh pretty please, I know you want to vote for me!

Over Heaven’s Hill has been shortlisted for the following:

Best Parenting Blog

Best Blog Post for 5 Tips on Returning to Work after Maternity Leave

If you vote and I know you really want to

I will promise to send each and every one of you a thousand white feathers, stuffed in to a silk suit, in the shape of the cutest newborn puppy that smells of lavender.

If you don’t like that idea, I will ship a billion fresh coffee beans packaged delicately into a vintage suitcase found in a market in India.

Needless to say, you have my absolute thanks. I am forever grateful to every one of you who read my blog and have joined me in understanding this new and interesting world we call parenting.

On to the Voting

Simply click on this image to vote for little old me!

Voting is open Wednesday, 17th August to Tuesday, 23rd August. And hey they say sharing is caring 🙂 Did I mention that I love you? I LOVE YOU! And a gazillion thanks.

Voting had now CLOSED! Phew? thank flup! The pressure! Thank you so incredibly much for voting for me. It’s in the lap of the judging God’s now. Keep those fingers amd toes crossed for me! 
LWI Blog Awards 2016 vote now over Heaven's Hill Parenting Blog

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    1. Never!! You’re one of my first blogger friends Beth! No award will come between us 🙂 FYI Beth is also shortlisted for Best Parenting Blog and absolutely deserves your vote too. Choices choices 🙂

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