Mumboss: Ways To Boost The Family Income

If you’re a hardworking, busy mum (as most mums tend to be); it can be a challenge to find any “free time” at all. However, if you do have a spare hour or so during the day, evenings, or on the weekends, you could be using the time to earn some extra cash. Kids and family life can be expensive, so every bit of extra income could help to ease any financial stress, or go towards family holidays and days out together. And, dare we mention it; Christmas seems to be creeping up (apologies), and it’s always nice to have enough in the bank to feel comfortable throughout the season. Therefore, earning a little extra here and there, could go a long way. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for those that might want to start pocketing some extra money.

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Passion Projects

If you already fill any free time you have up with hobbies, like baking, knitting, and painting; then why not consider selling some of your beautiful creations on a regular basis. You could venture into selling your wares by setting up up a social media account, like Instagram or Twitter, and posting images of what you’re producing in the week. You’ll be able to gauge the reaction to your items from strangers (who won’t be as biased, or lovely as your family), to see whether or not people would be willing to pay for them or not. Take a look at some ways your hobbies could make you some money online and start getting inspired.

A Lucrative Laptop

The beauty of having access to the internet is, aside from reading some great blogs, you have the ability to earn extra money as you sit in your living room, on your sofa, and in between all the hustle and bustle of family life. So, it might be worth grabbing a cup of coffee while the kids are at school one day and having a look at all your options. If you want a flexible option, that you can do as much or as little of as you like, then filling in questionnaires for cash and vouchers could be the perfect choice for you. You could check out what CMC Markets are all about; this is a great choice for the numbers-savvy mums out there, and a great, flexible option.

Keep Caring

You’ve done such a great job raising and looking after your kids; you could look into taking care of other people’s children too. Ask around at your child’s school and get your details out there; parents are likely to trust you if you’re already a kind and a familiar face from the playground or nursery. You could offer your own after school club, where you take the kids home and look after them until their mum or dad can pick them up after work, and, if you charge a lower rate than normal childcare services, you’ll have no shortage of families wanting to utilise your services. Even small things, like if you drive children to and from school and only ask for fuel money; that’s free fuel for a task you’d have to complete anyway, so you should be savvy about it.

*** This is a collaborative post. May contain affiliate links ***

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