Peek Out From Behind The Curtain

The past few weeks have been quite a whirlwind and I’m only slowly coming down from it all. Actually no, I’m levelling out and about to spiral back up again because on Thursday I’m heading to Cork which will include not only an awards ceremony but a hot bath and a big bed all to myself!

Top 100 Most Inspiring Women of Ireland 2019

It all began with being included on the The 100 Most Inspiring Women of Ireland List of 2019 as part of The Graham Norton Gin Inspiring Awards 2019. Such a cool accolade to add to my list which has left me wondering why I was added to the list. There I go again wondering and humming and hawing over the accomplishments I make. I get a gentle spark in my heart when I think of it before that happens though so maybe I’m making my way to taking the honour in a courteous manner without asking “why me?”

Recently, I have stepped firmly out of my comfort zone and proved to myself how strong, courageous and inspiring I can be. There I go blowing my own horn but sometimes we need to recognise our own power, even when we load our shopping trolley like a world tetris player. Thats some clever shopping management right there.

Imposter syndrome

I Declare An Imposter!

I battle, as most of us do, with self doubt, imposter syndrome and a low confidence which has been known to get in the way of my dreams and my personal belief as a writer and also as a mother. I have doubted myself more times than I’ve applauded myself and I think as women and parents we have a tendency to recognise others’ achievements over our own.

So for that reason I am holding myself up and tallying up my successes of the past few weeks. These crazy whirlwind weeks started with standing on stage at the Women’s Inspire Conference, talking about confidence, self belief and finding our cheerleaders who keep us going from the sidelines.

Family Friendly Ireland Awards

After that I found out I was nominated in the Family Friendly Ireland Awards and was so excited to find out I had made the Finalists! With eleven other amazing women, I share the under 10k Digital Platform Category. Amazing women who I am so happy to already know through Instagram and over the moon to finally be meeting in Cork on Friday.

Family Friendly Ireland awards 2019

The logisitics of attending an event which requires an overnight stay is always a little stressful but I’m lucky to have a supportive Papa Bear who didn’t scoff at the idea of me being away for a luxurious night of freedom. Our childminder, who is of course Aunty P who you may remember from my post thanking her for being an incredible carer to Little Miss while we both worked full time, will be here to cover all the craziness that is life with these two kids. And I am hitching a lift to Cork with a good friend, Helena Tubridy who is also a Finalist in the Family Friendly Ireland Awards for her incredible business and care in supporting families and their desire to grow.

Headline Mental Health Media Awards

Finally my achievements wrapped up in being nominated by my Irish Times editor for the Headline Mental Health Media Awards for my article on PND where I share my personal experience with fighting the fricking flamingo. I am honoured and amazed to have made the three person strong shortlist for this category: Excellence in Mental Health Content Special Interest. It is an honour to have a platform such as the Irish Times as a mental health advocate and as an advocate for parents who are finding their way in this complex world of kids and their need for a multitude of snacks.

Headline Mental Health Media Awards

PND depression anxiety

Flap Your Wings

Being momentarily highlighted like this for the work I am passionate and honest about has taught me an important lesson about positivity and perseverance.

We strive to accomplish quite a lot in our lives and are only certain of completing a few of those things. But in actual fact, we’re accomplishing a hell of a lot more than we think. We are a butterfly effect. Our wings flap when we peek out from behind the curtain, changing the lives of people and circumstances around us.

The talk I gave at WIN showed a vulnerability, realism and honesty as I shared my positive and negative relationship with confidence, with being an introvert and not trusting myself enough. Without that honesty in my life, I am not being real. Being real is important to me. From writing, talking and sharing stories on parenting, mental health and life in general. Being real can give you more possibilities in life, because real and honest, as difficult as it can be at times, means trust.

Flap your wings. You never know who may feel the effect you have.

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