Stop the Presses

Stop the Presses

Stop the Presses! I’ve been officially published! This winter has been fantastic as I’ve had not one, not two, but three Irish parenting and family magazines publish my blog posts. Three of my meandering thoughts on a page about parenting, with it’s good moments, it’s sad moments, and it’s tense moments, are now on the national stage as they are shelved amongst others in Easons. I always wanted to walk into Easons and pick up a magazine that featured an article that was written by little old me. Well, since October, it’s happened three times. If you don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook (which you should really – nudge, nudge, wink, wink) then you may not be aware of my writing success, so of course the obigatory blog post with my achievements is here! Short but sweet for today, here are the magazines who deemed my posts good enough to grace their pages.

Easy Parenting Magazine Issue 33 Oct/Nov 2016

Mums & Tots featured A’s Birth Story which makes for an interesting read as someone who did not prepare for a Caesarean Section, I ended up being whisked to theatre to delivery A by emergency C Section. A’s story can also be read here.

Easy Parenting featured Over Heaven's Hill

Maternity and Infant Winter 2016

Maternity and Infant magazine featured one of my most popular blog posts Parenting Can Be Lonely. This post is very close to my heart because it’s not something everyone will admit to or talk about. Parenting is a whirlwind and takes over your life. It easily wipes out parts of you which you desperately tried to hold on to. Your relationship with your partner can be negatively affected in ways you weren’t ready for.

Mums & Tots Issue 21 Winter 2016

Mums & Tots featured one of my favourite blog posts. If I could, I would gush about my parents in every blog posts. For everything they have done for me and B, for the amazing, kind and considerate people they are and for the way they hae shown me what being a true parent is. I am proud to have had this piece on The Grandparent Bond published nationally. Grandparents are an important aspect of children’s lives.

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