Category: Becoming a Parent

Are We Ever Really Ready?

Are we ever truly ready to have kids? Like really, really ready? Mentally, that is. Are we mentally prepared for the noise, the chaos the lack of time, the constant worrying about money and howContinue reading

Is Our Eldest Losing Out?

It’s one of the first worries most parents who are expecting number two have. It was something I often thought about but brushed it aside considering my sister has four kids and seems to manageContinue reading

We’ve Got A Screamer

Little Beans First Word – Aaarrrgghhh! Yeppers, our almost six month old has so far, in her tiny little life, made screaming her favourite pastime. From screaming at Momma Bear who looks on blankly thinkingContinue reading

5 Changes With 2

It’s been a while since I had a guest post on the blog. My much loved In Conversation With series was left by the wayside when life became complicated with two Littlies taking over myContinue reading

Becoming The New Me

What better way to celebrate feeling positive again than a new tattoo. Nope, tattoos aren’t for everyone since they’re pretty much a forever thing but my tattoos mean a lot to me. They signify aContinue reading

Officially Outnumbered

Six weeks in to having two children and the pressure of being officially outnumbered has caught up.  In one way, being pulled from either side by a toddler who has become increasingly clingy and won’tContinue reading

Naming Our Daughters

I’ve always thought that naming your baby was one of the biggest privileges of having a child. Lets face it, you mess that up and your journey into parenthood hasn’t exactly gotten off to aContinue reading