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Tips For Working With Brands

On the back of yesterday’s post about the term blogger being a dirty word, I thought it would be apt to follow up with a blogger tips post about the dirtiest of dirtiest of bloggingContinue reading

Blogger Is A Dirty Word

Mommy Blogger is even worse! I’m not the first to admit it and I dare say I won’t be the last but when someone asks if I’m a blogger, I cringe a little. Blogger isContinue reading

Missing In Action

I’ve been missing in action for the last while. Blogging has gone so far down my list of life essentials just like so many other things which have gone by the wayside. Four loads ofContinue reading

Endless Questions

It somehow feels justified and appropriate to use a boot in what felt like ten thousand feet of snow as the image for this post. Just like #Snowmageddon, this post feels endless with the potentialContinue reading

new year

Here’s to 2017!

First off, a massive Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year. This is my last post before Christmas on Over Heaven’s Hill as I have decided to take a well deserved breakContinue reading

Stop the Presses

Stop the Presses

Stop the Presses! I’ve been officially published! This winter has been fantastic as I’ve had not one, not two, but three Irish parenting and family magazines publish my blog posts. Three of my meandering thoughtsContinue reading

THe blogging Best #7 Over Heaven's Hill Parenting Blog

The Blogging Best #7

This month’s The Blogging Best comes to you courtesy of the Number 4,324,673 and the Letter Z. The massive number is the amount of questions you will be asked during your children’s childhood (this numberContinue reading

The Sunshine Blogger Award

No, I have not been handed another award for my writing or for the branding of my website. This is not a post about being the brightest and shiniest blogger around. Here is another BloggerContinue reading

Realex Web Awards 2016

Realex Web Awards: Date With My Mum

Quite a surprising thing happened to me on Tuesday in the early afternoon. An email zipped into my inbox from the organisers of the Realex Web Awards, dropping the bombshell that I was a finalist inContinue reading