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Freelance Writer

I have written for a variety of magazines, newspapers and websites including The Irish Times, Irish Examiner,, Easy Parenting, Maternity and Infant, Mums & Tots, Family Friendly HQ and MummyPages. Based on my publishedContinue reading

Tips For Working With Brands

On the back of yesterday’s post about the term blogger being a dirty word, I thought it would be apt to follow up with a blogger tips post about the dirtiest of dirtiest of bloggingContinue reading

Blogger Is A Dirty Word

Mommy Blogger is even worse! I’m not the first to admit it and I dare say I won’t be the last but when someone asks if I’m a blogger, I cringe a little. Blogger isContinue reading

freelance writer

5 Steps To Start Freelance Writing

I’ve had quite a few people contact me in the past few months asking for advice on how to start Freelance Writing. Obviously, I’m no expert considering I am technically only doing this since January.Continue reading

Missing In Action

I’ve been missing in action for the last while. Blogging has gone so far down my list of life essentials just like so many other things which have gone by the wayside. Four loads ofContinue reading

Feeling Out Of The Loop

I remember when I was on maternity leave with Little Miss, I felt very out of the loop with colleagues and friends. I was taking the standard 26 weeks maternity leave, which in itself isContinue reading

Why I’ve Quit My Job

This week I handed in my resignation. Dun dun duuuuunn! My intitial reaction last night, after a very anti-climactic day of talking to my boss and sorting things out with HR, was “Oh dear god,Continue reading