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A Peek Inside Our Home At Christmas

Even though my tastes in interior design are a little more unique than others with an industrial, steampunk and eclectic style, my Christmas Decor is traditional and bright. I don’t apologise for the fact thatContinue reading

Elf On The Shelf Yes Or No?

Call me an Elf On The Shelf Grinch but I won’t be falling into the trap of getting landed with one of these little monsters Christmas Elves any time soon. While they look adorably cute,Continue reading

Christmas Turkey

Scott Calvin Burnt the Turkey!

A has been watching The Santa Claus on a constant loop since July. So, the key phrase in our house for the past six months has been “Scott Calvin burnt the turkey“. It’s probably oneContinue reading

Gizmo Saves Christmas

Gizmo Saves Christmas

Oh, I do love Christmas! Obviously – since I’ve had two¬†Christmas trees up in our house since the middle of November. I promise, that’s the earliest I’ve ever had them up. Everything about this seasonContinue reading

Christmas Being Present

Being Present at Christmas

Christmas is my favourite time of year. I know a million other people feel the same and there is nothing new to someone loving Christmas but I can’t be a blogger and not write aboutContinue reading

Christmas Gift Guide Irish Ireland Etsy Handmade

Christmas Gift Guide – Part 3

And here it is, the final installment of my Christmas Gift Guide featuring the wonders and delights of beautiful handmade and handcrafted Irish Etsy Stores. I have really enjoyed pulling together these three lists forContinue reading