When You Were A Baby…

They say that when a newborn baby is on its way to a family, that older children may often regress into babyhood. Talking about the impending arrival, buying nappies and supplies and witnessing a whole new level of babyhood can be confusing for toddlers and young children, especially children who have never experienced a new baby invading their space before and don’t know what to make of all this change. We’ve noticed over the past few months, that A has started regressing in a playful manner as she alludes to being a baby again, using a soother, talking in goo-goo gaga language and wanting to be held and cuddled like a baby. It’s quite cute… once we don’t let it get to far and become an issue. So, she’s regressing a little. That’s perfectly fine since her world is about to be turned upside down, but we’ve noticed one other thing. B and I have regressed a little too.

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Some Days Parenting Looks Like This

Today is B’s birthday. Instead of it being a lovely family day with nice surprises for Daddy along the way, he sits in a coffee shop somewhere while I have just about managed to stop myself from crying because I  was almost at the point of hyperventilating. Why? Because A wouldn’t eat her breakfast or her lunch or listen to a single word we said. Because frustration had reached a pinnacle and B and I bounced off each other making our anger and desperation worse. A is now fast asleep, down for a nap, while I sit in her room focusing my thoughts on this blog post. Today, this is what parenting looks like for me.

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5 Ways Your Relationship Changes with a Toddler

Oh me, oh my how life changes when babies appear and how life changes as they grow up and morph from babies to toddlers to children. I listed five ways our relationship changed when the toddler took over. Five changes among a list of a million and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

This post was originally posted on Talya’s blog Motherhood the Real Deal

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In Conversation With: The Stented Papa

This week on In Conversation With, we have the one with the Beard. Ross and his Beard (yes, it deserves a capital letter, since the Beard is as famous as Ross is and you will soon see why) are quickly becoming very popular in the blogging community. I was chuffed to have met up with Ross at the Irish Blogger Agency launch in September, having chatted with him on twitter for the last couple of months. It’s always great when the online world aligns with the real world and I’d like to think that we’re now blogger buds! Ross blogs at The Stented Papa, a fantastic and popular Irish Papa Blog. Ross has had an interesting route into becoming a Stay at Home Dad which he shares with us here. His values and opinions on parenting and fatherhood are refreshing and I just know you’ll enjoy reading his interview today.

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Happy Birthday A

Three years ago at 3:03pm our daughter was born. She changed our world and made us into stronger and better people. She made us more emotional than we ever thought possible and we have been explicitly exhausted since the moment she was put in our arms and we smelt her sweet baby skin. From that second, as the clock ticked our way into parenthood for the first time, everything we did, everything we planned was for her. For her happiness, for her future. We strengthened our marriage, we grew roots in our new home and planned for the future. She is the centre of our universe. Like the Sun and Moon we revolve and live purely for her. Today, there is no Sunday Sit Down, todays post is a dedication to my baby girl who is no longer a baby, no longer a toddler, she has graduated to child. Happy Birthday Goose.

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It’ll be Easier When…

Over Heaven's Hill Irish parenting blog

A is almost three. Three years old and I can’t help but wonder, how often in that short space of time have I said, “It’ll be easier when…” As working parents, we go from house to car to work to car to house. Never ending regular routines and schedules that can’t be diverged from for fear of being late or losing control of the weekday madness and falling into a never ending trap of rushing, panicking and losing precious time. It’ll be easier when A can walk, when she can talk, when she can put her own coat on. It’ll always be easier when independence grows I thought. But it’s never truly easy and the endless rushing from day to day is simply hard. As a working parent, that hot cup of tea, those adult conversations and the quiet as I commute to the office is not a prize for working. It’s a reminder that I made it out the door with or without stress. But surely someday “It’ll be easier when…”

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In Conversation With: The Mighty Duxburys

The Mighty Duxburys

Never have B and I related so much to what two parents have said before. Wes and Amy are my featured guests on In Conversation With this week and they have an amazing blog at The Mighty Duxburys. Their honesty and openess on how quickly life changes when little ones come along is refreshing. Gone are the long lazy days and by this stage none of us can remember what we did with all of that free time. But how we crave it and miss it. And how we wouldn’t swap our lives now for anything. I love that in this interview both Wes and Amy have given their answers. They make a great team and I highly recommend you check out their blog which is one of my absolute favourites. Read on to see what Wes and Amy have to say about being Momma and Papa Bear.

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In Conversation With: The DADgum Blog

In conversation With DadGum Blog and Over Heaven's hill

This week, I had the pleasure of speaking with TJ from The DADgum Blog. TJ’s honest, open and beautiful discussion about parenting had me reminiscing about those early months and the first year of A’s life. He reminded me why I blog, what I get out of blogging and how writing about parenting has focused me as a mum. I agree with TJ that while blogging is all consuming, it gives us ideas, wants and needs to be with our family, interact and create memories. On the flip side it does of course have its negatives. Continue Reading to see what TJ has to say on the subject of being an awesome Lego playing Dad.

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