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Freelance Writer

I have written for a variety of magazines, newspapers and websites including The Irish Times, Irish Examiner,, Easy Parenting, Maternity and Infant, Mums & Tots, Family Friendly HQ and MummyPages. Based on my publishedContinue reading

freelance writer

5 Steps To Start Freelance Writing

I’ve had quite a few people contact me in the past few months asking for advice on how to start Freelance Writing. Obviously, I’m no expert considering I am technically only doing this since January.Continue reading

4 Ways To Manage Anxiety

It’s been almost two months since my anxiety “blip” which left me floored for two weeks with intense frustration, anger and anxiety that I lost control of. I wrote a letter to my Fricking FlamingoContinue reading

Why I’ve Quit My Job

This week I handed in my resignation. Dun dun duuuuunn! My intitial reaction last night, after a very anti-climactic day of talking to my boss and sorting things out with HR, was “Oh dear god,Continue reading

The Isolation Of Parenthood

I almost called this The Isolation of Motherhood as I’m in the thick of being a Stay at Home Mum on maternity leave┬ábut I’ve gotten to know so many Stay at Home Dads the lastContinue reading

Date Night Waste Night

I’ve come to the conclusion that parents shouldn’t date – or maybe it’s just me and B. We’re pretty disastrous when it comes to finding ourselves with a few child free hours but last FridayContinue reading