Fix It With ToyFix – Giveaway

There has been a revolution in our house! First came the rebellion however. It was Momma Bear versus the toys and Momma Bear was losing fast. It was Christmas 2017. Santa had arrived with a sack plentiful of battery warranted toys and everything seemed to break at once. The cordless screwdriver had been misplaced and Momma’s usual “everything in its place” attitude had dispersed since Little Bean arrived. Her tool box aka the wicker basket was a cumbersome mess containing more yarn than tools. What was she to do?

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Lottie Dolls Review

When D was born we were very conscious that A might feel a bit left out with the new arrival receiving half of her attention from visitors and so many gifts. A has been amazing, welcoming her little sister with literally open arms. But I knew it would break my heart if I heard her ask, “Is it for me?, if a relative brought a present into the house for the baby.  So, B and I set about having a few gifts on standby for her over those first few weeks of bringing D home. The highlight of these gifts was sent to us through the blog however – an Autumn Leaves Lottie Doll and accessory set. Read more to find out what is so special about this doll.

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Win a Micro Fibre Cot Mattress from Baby Elegance

cot mattress giveaway baby elegance

B and I have finally started to get our heads around Little Bean’s bedroom. When we first moved to the countryside, the smallest bedroom instantly became a playroom for A. Ah yes, the ever popular playroom also known as, The Store Room, Junk Room, Throw-it-in-there Room. A place to toss unloved toys into mangled boxes from Ikea, with hard Play Doh and bits of random toys. I’m not sad to see this room disappear and funnily enough either is A. She helped me gut the room, clear out the junk, the unwanted toys and retrieve once loved but forgotten toys back into a more suitable place in her bedroom. Of course, this meant rearranging A’s bedroom furniture around (more times than once because I’m quite indecisive) to fit more storage in for toys she simply can’t part with yet. The baby’s room is still a shell (a shell full of junk), but at least we’ve started.

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Milton Starter Sterilising Kit Giveaway

Milton Sterilising Starter Kit Giveaway

Who doesn’t use Milton? I think a bottle of Milton was one of the first things I bought when I was pregnant on A and started to pick up the necessary bits and bobs for little fingers and toes. I trust the Milton brand as so many others do. Milton has been a leading name in sterilising baby feeding equipment in the home for over 70 years, during which the ‘Milton Method’ of cold water sterilising has been used by millions of parents, and in homes and hospitals throughout the UK and Ireland. Fancy winning a Milton Starter Sterilising Travel Kit? Well then, isn’t it lucky that the lovely people at Milton have offered one such kit to one of my readers 🙂

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Obeo Waste Boxes

Obeo Food Waste Boxes

When we lived in my parents house for the four months in between houses I was given an education by my folks on how easy it is to recycle. They are avid recyclers and have a significantly lower waste output than we do. We were never terrible when it came to recycling but clearly we could have been better. Especially when it came to food waste. I’ll be honest, we gave up on our brown bin a long time ago for the usual icky, gross and smelly reasons. When we moved into our house we brought my parents’ recycling gene with us and improved quite a lot. Except when it came to the brown bin.

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Giveaway – Hotmilk Lingerie Review

Hotmilk Lingerie Bra Giveaway

You may remember me complaining (Who me? Complaining? Never!) about my sincere hatred of maternity clothes because I can’t find anything comfortable or nice to wear. Well, it gets worse. Of course it does. Not only do clothes look awful on me, but hey my undergarments are less than flattering and well, let’s be honest, they’re down right painful. For me, the worst part is that god awful restricting bra. I swear, if I didn’t have to wear one, I wouldn’t. Investing in a decent and comfortable is the only way to go. Take a peek, ladies, at Hotmilk’s massive collection of stylish and oh yes, uber comfortable maternity and nursing bras. Did I mention I have one to giveaway!

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Six Months Bloggerversary and Christmas Giveaway

Six months blogging. If you had told me last Christmas that by the following year, I would have my own website with my own blog, have been nominated and won an award for that blog, be published in three national parenting magazines with blog posts close to my heart and have a following that I am immeasurably grateful for, I probably would have said “Who? Me?” This time last year, blogging was nowhere on my radar.  I knew I wanted to write but I struggled to find an outlet for that writing. I didn’t hesitate in May this year when the idea of blogging about how parenting has changed me wouldn’t leave my mind. Six months on and I’ve made friends and contacts in the blogging world, but more importantly for me, I have found a new passion for writing. So, let’s have a little Giveaway!

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Halloween Experience with Wooly Ward’s Farm: Giveaway

I am absolutely delighted to announce that I am now Brand Ambassador for the amazing Wooly Ward’s Farm in the beautiful countryside of Oldtown, Co. Dublin. You will probably remember, we fell in love with Wooly Ward’s Farm in July when we went to the Teddy Bear’s Picnic. A and her cousin F helped find the Lost Teddy Bear and met Scary Mary in her house at the end of the Scary Walk, complete with 1D posters on her bedroom wall. We ended our Frugal Family Holiday in August with the Wooly Ward’s Fairytale Event when an excited A and F brought Papa Bear around the farm showing him exactly where to go because they didn’t forget a single thing about Wooly Ward’s. Representing Wooly Ward’s Farm is incredibly exciting for me and I am over the moon to be able to bring you more news and updates on a place I genuinely feel has created a sense of wonder and excitement for kids (and adults because let’s face it, I was just as excited as the little ones). To celebrate the beginning of this partnership, I have a family pass to this month’s incredibly popular Halloween Experience. Read on to find out how to enter and just what to expect if you win!

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Sugru: fix that thing Review & Giveaway

Yikes! I am the worst at DIY. I have been known to take quite a lot of short cuts when it comes to those small and annoying jobs that need doing. I own three hammers, a wicker basket with miscellaneous nails, screws and what nots. Let’s be honest, I really shouldn’t go anywhere near my DIY stash and just wait for the handyman. I can hang pictures, decorate superbly well. I’m all about the feng shui (… I’m not. I place furniture at angles and misuse space but it’s my space and I love it). I’m pretty nifty with a paint brush and a wad of sand paper. The fun stuff, if you ask me. So needless to say, when something goes awry, it’s usually left on the long finger until we have enough jobs worthy of our handymans time! Since we moved into our country bungalow last year there are plenty of little itty bitty jobs that annoy me. They need to be fixed but are too small to get someone in and too annoying for us. The list keeps getting longer. This weekend I managed to tick a few things off the list with Sugru. What’s Sugru you ask. Well, oh me, oh my, it’s a mouldable glue that even I can’t mess up! Read on for our review and a giveaway…

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Kidloland Review & Giveaway

Kidloland Review Over Heaven's Hill Parenting family Lifestyle blog

I have a love hate relationship with technology for toddlers. On the one hand, I worry about what effect using phones and tablets will have on A. But on the other hand, I know that we live in a technological age and that A can benefit from using such devices in the long run. Discovering Kidloland has swayed me towards the use of apps for toddlers, albeit with strict time limits. Read my review to find out more.

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