Category: Happy Days

Easter Egg Hunt at Luggwoods

We’re fairly new to the element of making Easter special for our kids. We’re not particularly Easter Bunny people but we love a good Easter Egg Hunt. It’s something Little Miss really took to lastContinue reading

Geeks Raising Geeks

Geeks. Nerds. I wasn’t too sure how to title this post because the words geek and nerd have never sat right with me. B would say that he’s a geek and I’m a nerd. ButContinue reading

Summer Loving

Don’t hate me but yes I’m already thinking about Summer Holidays. For the first time in my life, I have already booked a family holiday for the Summer. No, we’re not going to Spain orContinue reading

Wooly ward's Farm Halloween Experience

Halloween at Wooly Wards

If you are still pondering a Halloween day out with the kids this year then I highly recommend you get your tickets for this weekends Halloween Experience in Wooly Ward’s Farm, Oldtown, Co. Dublin. We areContinue reading

I Cherish My Family

What does family mean to you? I grew up with the idea of happy families impressed in my mind and feel lucky and privileged that we are a close unit. I don’t know if myContinue reading