In Conversation With: Mother in the House

mother in the house
I am so thrilled to have Helen aka Mother in the House aka Mum aka Doc as my last In Conversation With before Little Bean joins us. I’ve decided to give the series a break while we adjust to being a family of four on the off-chance that I miss a scheduled date with some of my amazing blogger contributors to the series. I thoroughly enjoy blogging and I want to keep up the momentum with Over Heaven’s Hill as much as I can while we go through this massive change with our little family but I’ve decided not to tie myself down with scheduled posts. The blog will be a lot more ad-hoc over the summer months. But In Conversation With will be back in September! So, I’m absolutely chuffed to have Helen as my last blogger in the current series. Helen is a fab blogger, an awesome doctor and an incredible Mum. She has a brilliant sense of humour and I love, love, love her answer to the question, “What is the best thing about being a parent?” All I’ll say is, spot on Helen, spot on! If I was wearing a hat, I’d raise it to you!
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In Conversation With: Mummy Miller

mummy miller

This week on In Conversation With, we are joined by the beautiful Louise who writes a parenting blog at Mummy Miller. Louise is currently on maternity leave and works as a nurse in the NHS. I have absolute admiration for nurses and midwves. Working in a maternity hospital myself, I see how dedicated and hard working they all are. I absolutely love that Louise married her childhood sweetheart. Herself and her now husband met when they were 15 and married after eight years together. I was 17 when I met B and love that I have lived almost half of my life with him already. Remember to check out Louise’s blog and to follow her on twitter and facebook.

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In Conversation With: The Phd Mama

The Phd Mama

The Phd Mama joins us on In Conversation With this week. I have been following the wonderful Suchitra for a while now and love her blog. She is mum to two beautiful kids, an infant and a toddler. Suchitra writes about her adventures in parenting and living a multiracial life with her family. She is a a former Communications Studies Professor who is now a stay at home mum, reluctantly! Remember to check out her blog and to say hi to her on social media. Bloggers will want to know that Suchitra now runs a Linky called #BloggerBeatz. The linky runs from the 25th to the 27th of the month, so be sure to check it out!

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In Conversation With: Very Anxious Mommy

Very Anxious Mommy

This week on In Conversation With, Heather joins us. Heather writes an aptly named blog Very Anxious Mommy. I think it’s safe to say that we all go through moments of anxiety as we try to figure out how to be the best parent we can be and also cope with the usual disasters life can throw at us. Heather, is mum to two beautiful children, an advocate for breastfeeding and a stay at home mum. She is also open and honest in her blog about battling anxiety and depression and is genuinely an inspiration to all of us. Remember to check out her blog and to follow her on social media.

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In Conversation With: Shinners and the Brood

Shinners and the Brood

One of my new blogger buds is Sinead who writes a brilliant blog at Shinners and the Brood. Sinead is such a lovely person who started her blog in September 2016. With three little ones, she has plenty to spur her on in this blogging journey. Sinead has taken on my questions and joined me for this weeks In Conversation With. Check out her nuggets of parenting wisdown and remember to check out her blog and follow her on facebook and twitter!

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In Conversation With: Talking Mums

Talking Mums In Conversation With

Welcome to another week of In Conversation With. This week I chatted with Helen who runs the fantastic and highly information blog Talking Mums. I am drooling over the recipes Helen adds to the blog and wonder how does she come up with such fantastic meal ideas. I wish A wasn’t a fussy eater so I could try these recipes on her. Helen is also a midwife and shares her vast array of knowledge on her blog. Read on to see what she has to say about pregnancy, parenting and how she would deal with a crying baby in the supermarket!

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In Conversation With: Winnettes

In Conversation with Winnettes

I am really delighted to have decided to bring back In Conversation With this year. I debated starting a new series altogether. Instead, I have revived ICW with a host of new questions for those lovely Momma and Papa Bears who would like to take part. ICW with now be published fortnightly, instead of weekly. I have to free up a bit of time if I’m to get that novel written! If you would like to sign up for ICW, drop me a mail. First up, this January, is the beautiful Kirsty who writes a fab parenting and food blog called Winnettes. On her blog, she shares her adventures with her two gorgeous little ones, Pinky and Perky 🙂

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In Conversation With: Queen of Collage

And here we are, at the very last In Conversation With Series for 2016 on Over Heaven’s Hill. I have absolutely loved doing this series, meeting and chatting to so many other Mum’s and Dad’s who are finding that evocative balance on life between work and family life. So many, I have chatted to, have used their creative talents, whether that is making crafts or using their skills as a writer to keep an aspect of their own personality in their parenting lives. In Conversation With will be back in 2017 but under a new format which I’m currently working on. You never know what the future may bring! In the final installement of this series I am speaking to Helena, who writes her blog at Queen of Collage. An accomplished artist, crafter and writer, her blog is one to follow. I especially love her word of the week series which is poignant and thought provoking. Read on to see how Helena managed family life.

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In Conversation With: Jaki Jellz

We are nearing the end of the In Conversation With series, for 2016, on Over Heaven’s Hill. This weeks chat, is the penultimate in the 2016 series, with the beautiful Jaki sharing her insight into parenting. Jaki is one of those bloggers who makes you think long and hard about the topics she writes. Often her blog posts sit with me for a few days after I’ve soaked them up. Posts like Why We Shouldn’t Feel the Baby Pressure and Who Should Discipline our Children? Read on to see how Jaki finds parenting her three year old son.

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In Conversation With: Blondie Mommy’s Stories

Blondie Mommy Stories

After an unplanned week off from all things blogging, the In Conversation Series was unfortunately stalled for a week. However, I am delighted to bring Oana to your attention, who is a beautiful Mum both inside and out, and a great parent blogger also over at Blondie Mommy’s Stories. One of the best things about doing this series, is meeting so many amazing parents who understand the worth and power of sharing their experiences through their writings. It’s hard work being a blogger and raising a family but we understand the hardship and still enjoy being apart of this blogging world. Read on to see what Oana has to say on the future of her son and her hopes and dreams for him.

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