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5 Suspenseful Netflix Movies

Since moving to the countryside three years ago, we’ve been dealing with some oh so very very low internet speeds. It’s a by-product of living slap bang in the middle of fields. Having poor internetContinue reading

Top 5 Netflix Shows For Kids

I am absolutely, unequivocally not embarrassed or ashamed to hand over the iPad to Little Miss and let her have some R&R with Netflix. The kid spends most of her day running around and practicingContinue reading

Hidden Gems On Netflix

Papa Bear and I have been watching our fair share of Netflix lately in between bouts of my freelance work. I find with freelancing that I have to schedule nights off for my brain toContinue reading

All About Her on Netflix

Last week saw International Women’s Day and today is Momma Bears Day. Celebrating women and mother’s has become quite an important thing for me in my life, more so since becoming a Mom, as I’mContinue reading

Top 5 Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix

The feelings of isolation and claustrophobia are what captures me when I’m watching a good Sci-fi movie. The desperation and loneliness of solitude with only yourself to blame or question is better than any traditionalContinue reading