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Top 5 Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix

The feelings of isolation and claustrophobia are what captures me when I’m watching a good Sci-fi movie. The desperation and loneliness of solitude with only yourself to blame or question is better than any traditionalContinue reading

Dyson V8 Absolute Review

When D was born I was obviously in no condition to do any household cleaning, tidying or sprucing up. My recovery was long and tedious and I struggled with even the basic of tasks likeContinue reading

Being Honest About Parenting

When I started writing Over Heaven’s Hill over a year ago, my aim was to write about how parenthood changed me. Changed my personality, my outlook on life, and my ordinary routines. Over the year,Continue reading

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That C Section Text

I imagine by now most people have come across that C Section text on Facebook or Twitter or wherever you lay your social media hat. Frustrated, angry, shocked and saddened are the many reactions I’veContinue reading