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Top 5 Netflix Shows For Kids

I am absolutely, unequivocally not embarrassed or ashamed to hand over the iPad to Little Miss and let her have some R&R with Netflix. The kid spends most of her day running around and practicingContinue reading

Forgotten Holiday Essentials

You may remember how, in all my winter excitement, I convinced my parents to join us on our summer holidays this year. In January began our hunt for a relaxing retreat away on a secludedContinue reading


The last time I stepped foot inside a gym for an exercise class was when my first nephew was six months old. His mum corralled me into joining Tae-Bo so she could whip back intoContinue reading

Easter Egg Hunt at Luggwoods

We’re fairly new to the element of making Easter special for our kids. We’re not particularly Easter Bunny people but we love a good Easter Egg Hunt. It’s something Little Miss really took to lastContinue reading

Geeks Raising Geeks

Geeks. Nerds. I wasn’t too sure how to title this post because the words geek and nerd have never sat right with me. B would say that he’s a geek and I’m a nerd. ButContinue reading

Elf On The Shelf Yes Or No?

Call me an Elf On The Shelf Grinch but I won’t be falling into the trap of getting landed with one of these little monsters Christmas Elves any time soon. While they look adorably cute,Continue reading