Books For Me, Books For You

Books books books. You can’t have an English Degree with a twelve year career in librarianship and be writer and not love books. It’s one of the the things we have always instilled in Little Miss who has been reading books with Papa Bear since she was three months old. And so we have followed suit with Little Bean who has a fascination with grabbing at the book and is turning the pages with a little help from Momma Bear now that she is hitting six months old. But then there’s me who invested in a kindle years ago only for it to have been transformed into a white noise machine and now a paperweight. The scale of who owns the most books in our house now leans towards the kids but thats not a bad thing. But I’ve started to change that and with my blogger friends becoming accomplished novelists and writers in the past year I’m picking up more books than I ever did. So lately it’s been one for me and one for the kids.

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Lottie Dolls Review

When D was born we were very conscious that A might feel a bit left out with the new arrival receiving half of her attention from visitors and so many gifts. A has been amazing, welcoming her little sister with literally open arms. But I knew it would break my heart if I heard her ask, “Is it for me?, if a relative brought a present into the house for the baby.  So, B and I set about having a few gifts on standby for her over those first few weeks of bringing D home. The highlight of these gifts was sent to us through the blog however – an Autumn Leaves Lottie Doll and accessory set. Read more to find out what is so special about this doll.

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5 Favourite Christmas Books for Toddlers

Christmas Books

As you know, A has always loved reading. Herself and B without fail read about five or six books a night, sometimes more depending on how tired she is or whether We Bare Bears has come on the TV in the background! It wouldn’t be right not to share with you our top five Christmas books which, I’ll be honest, are not hidden away until December but rather have been read at any time of year.

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Halloween at Wooly Wards

Wooly ward's Farm Halloween Experience

If you are still pondering a Halloween day out with the kids this year then I highly recommend you get your tickets for this weekends Halloween Experience in Wooly Ward’s Farm, Oldtown, Co. Dublin. We are very lucky to act as Brand Ambassdor for Wooly Ward’s Farm in Oldtown, Co. Dublin who invited us to join them for their incredible Halloween Experience. To say we had a great day was an understatement! Myself, my Mum, my daughter A, her two cousins C and F were exhausted and happy by home time, after spending the afternoon running around the farm exploring every nook and cranny yet again. Saturday was the opening day of the Wooly Ward’s Halloween Experience, and I was delighted to be there on day one of this special five day event. Don’t forget to get your tickets for either Saturday, Sunday or Monday this weekend. Read more to see our pics and hear what we got up to!

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The Curiosity Box: Review

Curiosity Box Review

I was really excited when Renee ‘Head of Explosions’ Watson contacted me to tell me all about The Curiosity Box. The name alone had me intrigued and what an awesome job title Renee has! The Curiosity Box was sucessfully funded on kickstarter and I can see why. It has developed into something so interesting, unique and brilliant that I wish Renee and her team every success in exploring and exploding the world of science in young minds. The Curiosity Box is a monthly subscription service where a box of intriquing and fascinating experiments are sent straight to your door to investigate. Each activity box is created for 7 to 11 year old “Curiosity Cadets”. Designed with the school curriculum in mind the wonderful scientists and educators at the Curiosity headquarters have expertly gathered, prepared and supplied all the ingredients and tools for amazing experiments right at your kitchen table. I gathered up my two little scientists – my inquisitive 11 year old nephew, C and enquiring 8 year old niece, A. “What’s in the box?” they asked me as they saw it sitting on the kitchen table with a Curiosity Box white lab coat and goggles. Well then, lets find out!

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Matilda’s World 15: a perfect handmade toy shop – Review  

A has finally discovered Christmas! At almost three years old, she understands who Santa is and what happens with all the presents. It’s probably due to the fact that she has been watching The Santa Clause on constant loop since July. Since them, Papa Bear and I have repeatedly burnt the turkey like Scott Calvin and had dinner in Dennys. We’ve ridden in make shift sleighs and had countless hot chocolates. It’s lucky that we adore Christmas too so this type of play never gets old! Last week A gave her Great Aunt a pen and paper and asked her to write down what she said. It went something like this: Dear Santa, my name is A. I would like a bike, a doll, an aeroplane, a guitar, a dress like Rainbow Dash, a batman belt, a blind bag and a squishy pop. I actually couldn’t wait for the day she asked to write her Santa letter and I’ll admit my heart broke a little because I was in work and not there to help her tell Santa how good she has been all year. But it’s exciting none the less and I now have to start a bartering system with good old Saint Nick. Along my travels on Etsy to find some amazing handcrafted Irish stores to introduce you to in my upcoming Christmas Gift Guide, I came across Matilda’s World 15. Cute and adorable were the first two words that popped into my head. And I’ll be directing the big man their way to tick some items off A’s list!

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Halloween Experience with Wooly Ward’s Farm: Giveaway

I am absolutely delighted to announce that I am now Brand Ambassador for the amazing Wooly Ward’s Farm in the beautiful countryside of Oldtown, Co. Dublin. You will probably remember, we fell in love with Wooly Ward’s Farm in July when we went to the Teddy Bear’s Picnic. A and her cousin F helped find the Lost Teddy Bear and met Scary Mary in her house at the end of the Scary Walk, complete with 1D posters on her bedroom wall. We ended our Frugal Family Holiday in August with the Wooly Ward’s Fairytale Event when an excited A and F brought Papa Bear around the farm showing him exactly where to go because they didn’t forget a single thing about Wooly Ward’s. Representing Wooly Ward’s Farm is incredibly exciting for me and I am over the moon to be able to bring you more news and updates on a place I genuinely feel has created a sense of wonder and excitement for kids (and adults because let’s face it, I was just as excited as the little ones). To celebrate the beginning of this partnership, I have a family pass to this month’s incredibly popular Halloween Experience. Read on to find out how to enter and just what to expect if you win!

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Princess for a Day: Wooly Ward’s Farm Fairytale Event Review 

Over Heaven's Hill Parenting Blog Wooly Wards Farm

Last month, I gave you our review of the Teddy Bears Picnic at Wooly Wards Farm. Today, I am delighted to bring you another review of the wonderful Fairytale Summer Finale at Wooly Wards which we went to last Saturday. As you know, we were on a weeks holidays from work and spent the days revelling in a staycation with happy family days out. The Fairytale Finale was the perfect way to end our holidays and A lived the day as a Princess. If you haven’t visited Wooly Ward’s Farm yet, then why not? It really is a magical place with wonderful staff and fun things to do.

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5 Free Days Out in Dublin

We are finally on another weeks holidays! Thank Pete for annual leave. Working full time really makes B and I appreciate the days we have off with A. We’ve been planning this week since the beginning of July and coming up with ideas and fun things to do each day. Yes, it is another Staycation. And why not? There are so many fantastic things for us to do. Money is a smidge on the tight side as we are getting some essential maintenance and upgrades done on our house. Never fear! We have come up with some really fun and cheap days out for next week. We are blessed with so many things to do! Here are our top five free Fun Days Out in North County Dublin and some ideas if you have a bit of pocket money handy. 

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Table Time Look and Learn: Review

Patience waiting for dinner. Is it possible? Oh yes, it is! You know the drill, hungry stomachs and patience rarely go hand in hand. Especially when you call them to the dinner table and they watch you mill around the kitchen finishing dinner off and rushing for plates. “We want dinner, we want dinner,” knife and fork in hands slamming off the table. We were guilty of this when we were kids. Every parent knows distraction is key. And I’ve just uncovered the best distraction – and my goodness an educational tool too! Enter the Table Time Look and Learn tablecloth! Read more to see what it is and how you can order yours. Don’t forget to use our coupon code for a whopping 35% off!

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