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Hello Little Bean

The nine months, the incessant worrying after a four week heavy bleed and clot, the intense morning sickness, the incredible pains, the lack of sleep – was all worth it. I’ve fallen in love forContinue reading

Becoming A Mum Of Two

I’ve heard them say that going from zero babies to one baby is harder than going from one to two. I can understand why. Having at least one child has given you a massive amountContinue reading

Mentally Preparing For A C Section

When I found out that I would be scheduled for a C Section for Little Bean’s special delivery, I was quite happy. The controversary and debates regarding Cesarean Sections are pointless to me, and IContinue reading

Bonding With Bump

You may have noticed that I have been a little quiet on the blog front. I decided to take a week or so off from writing as I caught up on, well everything. I’ll admitContinue reading

c section

That C Section Text

I imagine by now most people have come across that C Section text on Facebook or Twitter or wherever you lay your social media hat. Frustrated, angry, shocked and saddened are the many reactions I’veContinue reading

Hotmilk Lingerie Bra Giveaway

Giveaway – Hotmilk Lingerie Review

You may remember me complaining (Who me? Complaining? Never!) about my sincere hatred of maternity clothes because I can’t find anything comfortable or nice to wear. Well, it gets worse. Of course it does. NotContinue reading