Dyson V8 Absolute Review

When D was born I was obviously in no condition to do any household cleaning, tidying or sprucing up. My recovery was long and tedious and I struggled with even the basic of tasks like pulling myself up to get out of bed. But if you know me, you will know how ridiculously stubborn I am. And how much I yearn for a tidy home. It doesn’t necessarily have to be clean, but I do need tidiness. And while I know that sounds ridiculous to some, it’s simply something my brain has to have, otherwise it won’t shut off and I’ll be agitated until the house is back to my standard. Even through the pain, tiredness and frustration of just having had a baby, I had to tidy and clean. Yes, I gave my orders to B and he obliged as much as he could but still I couldn’t stop myself. I need order amongst chaos. And along came Dyson…

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Bonding With AmaWrap

Lately, my anxiety levels have lessened. Since accepting that I’m suffering from either postnatal depression or anxiety or both since the birth of D – or if I’m honest a little before that – I’ve uncovered a few coping mechanisms that have truly helped. One being, baby wearing. I have recently been using an AmaWrap baby sling and I didn’t realise, but baby wearing has been pivotal in helping me cope with anxiety. Let me tell you how.

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Lottie Dolls Review and Giveaway

When D was born we were very conscious that A might feel a bit left out with the new arrival receiving half of her attention from visitors and so many gifts. A has been amazing, welcoming her little sister with literally open arms. But I knew it would break my heart if I heard her ask, “Is it for me?, if a relative brought a present into the house for the baby.  So, B and I set about having a few gifts on standby for her over those first few weeks of bringing D home. The highlight of these gifts was sent to us through the blog however – an Autumn Leaves Lottie Doll and accessory set. Read more to find out what is so special about this doll and enter the giveaway below for your very own Lottie Doll.

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My Short But Sweet Breastfeeding Journey

You may remember that during my pregnancy, I struggled with pains, hormones and fears. For the second time in my life, I was hating the experience and willing it to be over. Throughout the nine months, I failed to bond with the bump. I rarely thought about what Little Bean would be like and how well she would fit into our small family. I couldn’t or rather didn’t imagine what she would look like, smell like, feel like. I didn’t have the time to focus on the fact that I was growing a human being. I had a three year old running around me and she kept me well occupied. Things changed in the first hour that Little Bean was born.

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Naming Our Daughters

I’ve always thought that naming your baby was one of the biggest privileges of having a child. Lets face it, you mess that up and your journey into parenthood hasn’t exactly gotten off to a good start! I’ve researched my fair share of baby names simply because I love finding out the meaning of a name. I remember the day, way, way back in 2001, B and I had first started dating and I discovered that my name means “spear ruler” and B’s name means “spear”. I literally rule over him… hah. Clearly we were meant to be together. When it came to us choosing our baby girls names, we stepped outside the box a little. I realise I don’t use their names on the blog and I’ve never explained why.

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Win a Micro Fibre Cot Mattress from Baby Elegance

cot mattress giveaway baby elegance

B and I have finally started to get our heads around Little Bean’s bedroom. When we first moved to the countryside, the smallest bedroom instantly became a playroom for A. Ah yes, the ever popular playroom also known as, The Store Room, Junk Room, Throw-it-in-there Room. A place to toss unloved toys into mangled boxes from Ikea, with hard Play Doh and bits of random toys. I’m not sad to see this room disappear and funnily enough either is A. She helped me gut the room, clear out the junk, the unwanted toys and retrieve once loved but forgotten toys back into a more suitable place in her bedroom. Of course, this meant rearranging A’s bedroom furniture around (more times than once because I’m quite indecisive) to fit more storage in for toys she simply can’t part with yet. The baby’s room is still a shell (a shell full of junk), but at least we’ve started.

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Milton Starter Sterilising Kit Giveaway

Milton Sterilising Starter Kit Giveaway

Who doesn’t use Milton? I think a bottle of Milton was one of the first things I bought when I was pregnant on A and started to pick up the necessary bits and bobs for little fingers and toes. I trust the Milton brand as so many others do. Milton has been a leading name in sterilising baby feeding equipment in the home for over 70 years, during which the ‘Milton Method’ of cold water sterilising has been used by millions of parents, and in homes and hospitals throughout the UK and Ireland. Fancy winning a Milton Starter Sterilising Travel Kit? Well then, isn’t it lucky that the lovely people at Milton have offered one such kit to one of my readers 🙂

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Obeo Waste Boxes

Obeo Food Waste Boxes

When we lived in my parents house for the four months in between houses I was given an education by my folks on how easy it is to recycle. They are avid recyclers and have a significantly lower waste output than we do. We were never terrible when it came to recycling but clearly we could have been better. Especially when it came to food waste. I’ll be honest, we gave up on our brown bin a long time ago for the usual icky, gross and smelly reasons. When we moved into our house we brought my parents’ recycling gene with us and improved quite a lot. Except when it came to the brown bin.

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Giveaway – Hotmilk Lingerie Review

Hotmilk Lingerie Bra Giveaway

You may remember me complaining (Who me? Complaining? Never!) about my sincere hatred of maternity clothes because I can’t find anything comfortable or nice to wear. Well, it gets worse. Of course it does. Not only do clothes look awful on me, but hey my undergarments are less than flattering and well, let’s be honest, they’re down right painful. For me, the worst part is that god awful restricting bra. I swear, if I didn’t have to wear one, I wouldn’t. Investing in a decent and comfortable is the only way to go. Take a peek, ladies, at Hotmilk’s massive collection of stylish and oh yes, uber comfortable maternity and nursing bras. Did I mention I have one to giveaway!

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Christmas Gift Guide – Part 3

Christmas Gift Guide Irish Ireland Etsy Handmade

And here it is, the final installment of my Christmas Gift Guide featuring the wonders and delights of beautiful handmade and handcrafted Irish Etsy Stores. I have really enjoyed pulling together these three lists for you and I hope you have found something new, something unique and something beautiful that you haven’t been able to find elsewhere. The best thing about Etsy stores is that you know the items have been made with thought, with care and with love. It’s like going to a Christmas Craft Fair without having to drudge around with the crowds 🙂 Take a peek inside and see what delights I have found for you.

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