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Forgotten Holiday Essentials

You may remember how, in all my winter excitement, I convinced my parents to join us on our summer holidays this year. In January began our hunt for a relaxing retreat away on a secludedContinue reading

Rainy day fund

Saving For A Rainy Day Fund

I’ve always loved the idea of having a Rainy Day Fund or as my folks say Funny Money, which is an awesome way to say “here’s a few bob. Let’s treat ourselves!” Myself and Papa BearContinue reading

4 Ways To Manage Anxiety

It’s been almost two months since my anxiety “blip” which left me floored for two weeks with intense frustration, anger and anxiety that I lost control of. I wrote a letter to my Fricking FlamingoContinue reading

Fix It With ToyFix – Giveaway

There has been a revolution in our house! First came the rebellion however. It was Momma Bear versus the toys and Momma Bear was losing fast. It was Christmas 2017. Santa had arrived with aContinue reading

Elf On The Shelf Yes Or No?

Call me an Elf On The Shelf Grinch but I won’t be falling into the trap of getting landed with one of these little monsters Christmas Elves any time soon. While they look adorably cute,Continue reading