5 Favourite Christmas Books for Toddlers

As you know, A has always loved reading. Herself and B without fail read about five or six books a night, sometimes more depending on how tired she is or whether We Bare Bears has come on the TV in the background! It wouldn’t be right not to share with you our top five Christmas books which, I’ll be honest, are not hidden away until December but rather have been read at any time of year.

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Straight in at number five is a brand new book which has just been released, Santa Wants a Makeover (ISBN 0995686807) by Ekta and Monica in partnership with AuthorInMe. This is a beautiful written and illustrated book which is engaging, colourful and bound to be a Christmas favourite for a long time to come. It’s a winner in our house with its bright and vivid images and its cleverly written story.

“Mr Santa Claus has looked the same over the centuries, this year he wants to look different and is adamant to get a makeover. Everybody in the North Pole is trying their best to please Santa with their creative ideas. Different looks have been tried but nothing has pleased Santa so far. Finally, what makes Santa happy in the end?

 The perfect book to make your little elves laugh and learn numbers in a fun way! The book also includes two activity pages where children can give Santa a makeover Santa and learn to count numbers from 1-10.”

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Stick Man (ISBN: 140712109X) is a must for any Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler fan and I’ve yet to come across anyone who does not like the books from this pair (the Gruffalo anyone?) Stick man loosely plays along my Christmas theme, as Santa makes a brief appearances. Again with all stories from these two, the story is quick, witty and rhymes beautifully making it easier for Mums and Dads to recite the story and little ones to remember it. A long time favourite in our house.

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Personally, I’d have the Busy Santa Book (ISBN: 1409536572) by Fiona Watt and Simona Sanfilippino, at number one in our list but B has advised me what A’s No 1 favourite Christmas book is, so I must go with her favourites. The Busy Santa Book is a story and game all in one, so you can see why I wanted it further up the list. The massive book… it is a Santa track after all, so has to be big and thick… comes with a Pull Back Santa Claus and his Sleigh. Following Santa’s journey from the North Pole the Santa Sleigh pulls back on each page and travels through the story. How neat! There are four tracks in total and I for one find it a great book to take out in the week running up to Christmas Day as we talk about and eagerly await Santa’s arrival.

christmas books
Now you can see why I love this book!

christmas books

A Letter to Santa (ISBN: 1783433620) by Ned Taylor was one of the first Christmas Books A received. It once contained an actual letter to dear old Saint Nick but some little rascal enjoyed popping it in and out of the envelope too much that it ripped beyond repair.

This is heartwarming and cute story about a little mouse who helps Santa choose gifts for two special children on Christmas Eve. I love how this book is illustrated as it reminds me of stories I would read as a child. It’s beautifully written and a genuinely nice story.

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christmas booksAnd the all time favourite Christmas book in our house is, The Christmas Bear (ISBN: 1509806962) by Ian Whybrow and Axel Scheffler. The catchy story sets the tale of the Christmas Bear who has mysteresioulsy been left behind on Christmas Eve and must find his way back on to Santa’s Sleigh. Again Axel Scheffler is a star illustrator and brings this story alive. What makes this story A’s favourite? Well, its a lift the flap book which means no matter how many times you read it, it’s always fun. There are times when A flies through the story just to get to the next flaps and explore the characters!

I will admit, this book has been read so often, and throughout the entire year, that many of the flaps, and some of the lifts have become gnarled in the process. But to us, that show’s us how well loved the book is.

christmas books

One thought on “5 Favourite Christmas Books for Toddlers

  • December 21, 2016 at 11:31 am

    So lovely books to collect this Christmas, surely my children in the kids ministry will love it. I’m a teacher in our church kids ministry and I love to collect it because the kids love to read books that have a great story and mostly, have drawings inside. My activity for them is storytelling and after hat coloring to the drawing book. The kids are really happy and I am happy too seeing them makes me smile every day. Thank you for sharing here the great Christmas books.


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