Elf On The Shelf Yes Or No?

Call me an Elf On The Shelf Grinch but I won’t be falling into the trap of getting landed with one of these little monsters Christmas Elves any time soon. While they look adorably cute, their mischievous streak has come to light all too quick.  I admire the Momma and Papa Bears who,  day after day, in the run up to Christmas have to clean up the mess these little divils get up to, but I’m firmly on the Nay side of letting one of these guys into our home. Recently, A has become enthralled with the Elf On The Shelf ad on TV after meeting the real life Elf at Santa’s Enchanted Forest at Luggwoods. But I’m sorry my dear, the Elf can stay firmly on that shelf for one simple reason – I’m  already exhausted and the brainpower isn’t there. Even if we weren’t in the middle of baby days with teething and sleep training, I’m not sure I could muster up the energy to have an Elf as a house guest this Christmas.

I simply don’t have the headspace to see what one of these guys would get up to throughout the month of December. I’m not sure where this idea of the elves becoming devious and fun came from but these little guys and gals don’t just sit on their heineys all month.

Oh no! They clearly get bored being Santas eyes as they watch our kids and report back to the big man whether they should be on the naughty or nice list. So, everyday and god forbid you should forget, these elves are shimmied around the house getting up to all sorts of trouble while our kids sleep. And yes, the elf grinch in me knows how clever, cute and fun this idea is as your little one uncovers what their special elf has gotten up to as they dozed. But frick, my brain is not capable of coming up with ideas (or for scrolling through Pinterest for hours) or planning out these little elfin events.

I’m sure there are Momma and Papa Bears tearing their hair out with these elves. And surely every year, as your kids get bigger, the elves have to do act wilder since the spilled cherrios or unwrapping the christmas presents has become too tame. And then of course it’s trying to remember what your elfin sprite got up to every year so you don’t duplicate because the kids will know! They never forget. 

Christmas tree

I purposely popped the old Christmas Tree up the past week so that I could actually enjoy December with as little stress and fuss as possible. (Clearly I’m in denial about what the Christmas rush brings.)

I do love the idea of the tradition of the Elf On The Shelf but folks, there are easier traditions! Traditions that don’t leave a mess or send your mind into overdrive as your Elf calendar fills up with ideas for the month. But I do one hundred percent admire you if you have the energy, the mindframe and the imagination to keep the Elf On The Shelf going year after year after year. Because remember once you start, that Elf has to return every year! Whether you like it or not.

If you’re looking for ideas to up your Elf On The Shelf game then you absolutely have to check out Jill from Properfud who has mountains upon mountains of cute and quirky ideas to help you along. I admire her determination and will power in keeping the little scamp alive! Check out her Elf Archives here.

And of course this handy Elf On The Shelf Calendar below from Artventurers will keep you going for a while.

Do you have an Elf parading through your house this Christmas? Are you ready for him or her to land in your home tomorrow? I’m already panicking for you! Good luck and Godspeed

Elf On The Shelf ideas

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