Freelance Writing

As a Freelance Writer I have written for a variety of magazines and websites including MumsOnline, Family Friendly HQ and MummyPages. I am available to write Parenting, Family and Lifestyle articles for your company or magazine.

Published Writing:

Independent Voices


Family Friendly HQ

The Stresses of a Working Parent in Ireland Today

3 Truths & Tips About Recovering From a C Section

Real Birth Story: Birth By C Section

Do you Wear Your Wedding Ring?

Being Honest About Parenting


Dear Insecurities, Let’s Break Up

Friendship Is A Special Thing – Especially After Kids

Five Ways Your Relationship Changes With A Toddler In Your Life

A Message To New Mums Who Say “Surely It Will Get Easier When”

Irish Health Hour

How to Cope With Toddler Favouritism 

The M Word

Pregnancy Mood Swings – When It’s More Than ‘Just The Hormones’

Do You Wear Your Wedding Ring?

Should We Post Photographs of Our Children Online?

7 Things You Don’t Have to do while Pregnant 

Some Days Parenting Looks Like This

Would You Give Up Your Seat For A Pregnant Woman?

I have written for the following Print Publications:

Easy Parenting Magazine –  Issue 33 Oct/Nov 2016 – Print Only

My Birth Story

Easy Parenting featured Over Heaven's Hill

Maternity and Infant Magazine -Autumn 2017 – Print Only

The Calming Effect Of Babywearing

Maternity and Infant Magazine -Winter 2016 – Print Only

Parenting Can Be Lonely.

Mums & Tots – Issue 23 Summer 2017 – Print Only

Mood Swings In Pregnancy – When It’s More Than Hormones

Sensory Play

Mums & Tots – Issue 21 Winter 2016 – Print Only

The Grandparent Bond


Realex Webs Awards 2016
I brought my Mum with me to the Realex Web Awards in 2016! And I Won!

Shortlist – V by Very Blog Awards Ireland 2017

Shortlist – Maternity and Infant Care Awards 2017

Winner – Realex Payments Web Awards 2016 ‘Best Original Writing for a Website’

Finalist – Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards 2016