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I write for a variety of magazines, newspapers and websites including The Irish Times, Irish Examiner,, Easy Parenting, Maternity and Infant, Mums & Tots, Everymum and MummyPages. Based on my published articles, I have contributed to radio interviews and I have sat on the couch on Ireland: AM. I am available to write Parenting, Family, Wellness, Mental Health and Lifestyle articles for your company, website or magazine. Get In Touch 

Published Writing:

Irish Examiner

Would you allow your partner access to your social media accounts and private messages?

Birth of the Blues: Need for swift response to post-natal depression

Why You Won’t Forget This New Typeface

Pensioner Playdates: When playschools visit nursing homes

All By Myself: Living With Social Anxiety In A Hyperconnected World

Therapy With An Eye For Detail 

Daddy’s Got The Baby Blues: a look at paternal postpartum depression

My Womb Is None Of Your Business

The Nightmare Realm: What if it’s more than just a bad dream?

The Filter Of Parenthood Through The Lens of Social Media

Hens More Than A Flight Of Fancy

The Ins and Outs of Being an Introvert

No Thanks, I Don’t Drink

Why I Love My Husband More Than Our Children

The Bald Truth About Why I Shaved My Head

Overcoming your fears for the sake of your children is easier said than done

Lessons Learned From An Enforced Digital Detox

Online Lives: Geraldine Walsh

Irish Times

Parents, Trust Your Gut

Mental Health and the Workplace

Why I Dumped My Toxic Friends

Lost In Motherhood: I forgot who I was and who I wanted to be

Are Children Really Affected Watching Their Parents Argue?

How Does Your Personality Affect Your Parenting Style?

Overwhelmed With A Newborn: Depression and Anxiety

Mental Health and Isolation: The lonely road of parenting

How Social Media Supports Mental Health 



Maternity and Infant Magazine (Print Only)

Meet The Parents – Summer 2018

Are You Ready To Be A SAHM? – Spring 2018

The Calming Effect Of Babywearing – Autumn 2017

Parenting Can Be Lonely – Winter 2016

Mums & Tots – (Print Only)

Surviving the First 6 Weeks – Autumn 2018

Fight Or Flight – Summer 2018

Coping With Toddler Favouritism – Spring 2018

5 Rules For Visiting A Newborn – Winter 2017

Mood Swings In Pregnancy – When It’s More Than Hormones – Summer 2017

Sensory Play – Summer 2017

The Grandparent Bond – Winter 2016

Easy Parenting Magazine – (Print Only)

The Mum Buddy Bench – Oct/Nov 2018

How To Raise A Reader – June/July 2018

Inheriting Fear – Apr/May 2018

My Birth Story – Oct/Nov 2016

Ultimate Maternity Guide

Evolving Relationships – 2018/2019 edition

The Journal

Column: ‘Don’t judge a commuting parent. Smile at that noisy toddler’

The Supermum Myth Needs to be Exposed


I Doubt Myself 89 Times in A Day #ImEveryMum

What if it takes a while to bond with my baby?

My “Going To Be A C Section: Now” Story

How to Recover After A C Section

Do You Wear Your Wedding Ring?

Dishing the Dirt on Parenting: Is It Really That Tough?


Dear Insecurities, Let’s Break Up

Friendship Is A Special Thing – Especially After Kids

Five Ways Your Relationship Changes With A Toddler In Your Life

A Message To New Mums Who Say “Surely It Will Get Easier When”

Family Friendly HQ

The Stresses of a Working Parent in Ireland Today

3 Truths & Tips About Recovering From a C Section

Irish Health Hour

How to Cope With Toddler Favouritism 

The M Word

Pregnancy Mood Swings – When It’s More Than ‘Just The Hormones’

Do You Wear Your Wedding Ring?

Should We Post Photographs of Our Children Online?

7 Things You Don’t Have to do while Pregnant 

Some Days Parenting Looks Like This

Would You Give Up Your Seat For A Pregnant Woman?

Baby Brains

The Importance of Friendship

Baby Gaga

Frequent Contributor

Radio Appearances

The Pat Kenny Show Newstalk 22nd Oct 2018

Corks 96fm Opinion Line 16th Oct 2018 at 1:40

WLRfm Déise Today with Eamon Keane 4th Oct 2018

Corks 96fm Opinion Line 5th Sept 2018 at 47:54

KFM Radio Kildare Focus with Ciara Plunkett 3rd August 2018

REDfm Neil Prendeville Show 15th May 2018 at 01:32:18

WLRfm Déise Today with Eamon Keane 15th May 2018


Realex Webs Awards 2016
I brought my Mum with me to the Realex Web Awards in 2016! And I Won!

Shortlist – Blog Awards Ireland 2018

Longlist – Boots Maternity and infant Awads 2018

Shortlist – V by Very Blog Awards Ireland 2017

Shortlist – Maternity and Infant Awards 2017

Winner – Realex Payments Web Awards 2016 ‘Best Original Writing for a Website’

Finalist – Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards 2016