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I write for a variety of magazines, newspapers and websites including The Irish Times, Irish Examiner, Easy Parenting, Mums & Tots, and more. Based on my published articles, I have contributed to radio interviews and I have sat on the couch on Ireland: AM. I have contributed to the Motherboard Podcast from Packed.House and the Real Mums Real Talk Podcast from the Rotunda Hospital. I am available to write Parenting, Family, Wellness, Mental Health and Lifestyle articles for your company, website or magazine. Get In Touch 

Published Writing:

Irish Times

Childish notions may be away with the fairies – but all the better for it

Not all Superheroes wear capes – but perhaps more should

Turning 50? It’s only middle age if you say it is

Depression made me stronger and in an odd way I’m grateful

Why Obesity is not a choice

I caught my 18 month old with a bottle of limescale remover in her mouth

How we view stay-at-home Dads needs to change

The Irish Times Shortlisted for Mental Health Media Awards

The Importance of Helping your Children with Negative Self Talk

Its ok for parents to only get it right half the time

How sex education in schools is debunking the myths

Fears for Tears: Why do we tell boys not to cry?

We need to disconnect and reassure children we value them above our devices

I am balancing on the brink of parental burnout

Child’s play: how risky activity is vital to learning how to be safe

Old Father Time: becoming a dad later in life

Is there a right time to have a baby?

PND: This new baby, with a head of blonde hair, was perfect. I was not

The Lying Game: uncovering the truth about liars

When a baby is born, a mother is not always born too

What happens when fathers suffer postnatal depression?

A new therapeutic approach to helping young homeless people

Finding the balance is key to new parents finding eachother again

“I was convinced I would be caught out as a fraud and don’t deserve my accomplishments”

Net Benefits: Why the elderly are going online

The Physical Toll of Workplace Bullying is a Silent Killer

Mental Overload of Motherhood

“I Was Induced Early Because I Was So Exhausted”

Shaping Our Moments in Small Actionable Ways In Order To Live The Life We Want

The parent trap: we should be more honest about child-rearing

Coping with the After School Meltdown

Pulling Generation Z Back from the Online World

My daughter was Mammy’s clingon – now shes Daddy’s girl

Parents, Trust Your Gut

Mental Health and the Workplace

Why I Dumped My Toxic Friends

Lost In Motherhood: I forgot who I was and who I wanted to be

Are Children Really Affected Watching Their Parents Argue?

How Does Your Personality Affect Your Parenting Style?

Overwhelmed With A Newborn: Depression and Anxiety

Mental Health and Isolation: The lonely road of parenting

Irish Examiner

Ink to make you think: tattoos helping people overcome traumas and conflicts in life

Life After They Leave – adjusting after children leave the home

Modern Families: Tuning into the Top Irish Parenting Podcasts

There is a lot of negativity about but here’s some life hacks to help stay positive

International Men’s Health Week: Know the signs of skin cancer

Money, Money, Money: why we should be talking about our personal finances 

The Power of Small can change it all: Why it’s important to let go of your new year’s resolutions

Would you allow your partner access to your social media accounts and private messages?

Birth of the Blues: Need for swift response to post-natal depression

Why You Won’t Forget This New Typeface

Pensioner Playdates: When playschools visit nursing homes

All By Myself: Living With Social Anxiety In A Hyperconnected World

Therapy With An Eye For Detail 

Daddy’s Got The Baby Blues: a look at paternal postpartum depression

My Womb Is None Of Your Business

The Nightmare Realm: What if it’s more than just a bad dream?

The Filter Of Parenthood Through The Lens of Social Media

Hens More Than A Flight Of Fancy

The Ins and Outs of Being an Introvert

No Thanks, I Don’t Drink

Why I Love My Husband More Than Our Children

The Bald Truth About Why I Shaved My Head

Overcoming your fears for the sake of your children is easier said than done

Lessons Learned From An Enforced Digital Detox

Online Lives: Geraldine Walsh

How Social Media Supports Mental Health 




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The Calming Effect Of Babywearing – Autumn 2017

Parenting Can Be Lonely – Winter 2016

The Journal

Column: ‘Don’t judge a commuting parent. Smile at that noisy toddler’

The Supermum Myth Needs to be Exposed


“I felt like an outsider” Dad discusess postnatal depression


If Kids Came With Warning Labels

The Perfect Parents you see on social media are not real life

How to enjoy holidaying with toddlers

How to raise an avid reader

Why your kids tell lies and what to do about it

How to look after your prenatal mental health

How to cope with people commenting about your bump

Do Mums also need a buddy bench?

I Doubt Myself 89 Times in A Day #ImEveryMum

What if it takes a while to bond with my baby?

My “Going To Be A C Section: Now” Story

How to Recover After A C Section

Do You Wear Your Wedding Ring?

Dishing the Dirt on Parenting: Is It Really That Tough?


Dear Insecurities, Let’s Break Up

Friendship Is A Special Thing – Especially After Kids

Five Ways Your Relationship Changes With A Toddler In Your Life

A Message To New Mums Who Say “Surely It Will Get Easier When”

Family Friendly HQ

The Stresses of a Working Parent in Ireland Today

3 Truths & Tips About Recovering From a C Section

Irish Health Hour

How to Cope With Toddler Favouritism 

The M Word

Pregnancy Mood Swings – When It’s More Than ‘Just The Hormones’

Do You Wear Your Wedding Ring?

Should We Post Photographs of Our Children Online?

7 Things You Don’t Have to do while Pregnant 

Some Days Parenting Looks Like This

Would You Give Up Your Seat For A Pregnant Woman?

Baby Brains

The Importance of Friendship

Baby Gaga

Frequent Contributor


Women’s Inspire Conference Dublin October 2019 –  Confidence: a state of mind

Motherboard Minding Mum Dublin 2nd Sept 2019

ACBS World Conference: Dissemination Vs Marketing – Are Fusion and Avoidance Preempting Committed Action to ACBS Values? – Panel Discussion

Motherboard Minding Mum




ACBS Dublin Conference – Marketing and Dissemination Panel June 2019

TV Appearances

Ireland: AM Challenges of Motherhood 23rd October 2018

Media contributor Ireland AM

Podcast Appearances

Motherboard in association with Lidl – The Supermum Myth

Real Talk with Real Mums – Episode 9 Mental Health

Radio Appearances

LMFM with Sinead Brassil

KFM Radio Kildare Focus with Ciara Plunkett

The Pat Kenny Show Newstalk

Corks 96fm Opinion Line

WLRfm Déise Today with Eamon Keane

REDfm Neil Prendeville Show

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Realex Webs Awards 2016
I brought my Mum with me to the Realex Web Awards in 2016! And I Won!

Top 100 Inspiring Women Ireland

Finalist Mental Health Media Awards 2019

Finalist Family Friendly Ireland Awards 2019

Shortlist – Blog Awards Ireland 2018

Longlist – Boots Maternity and infant Awards 2018

Shortlist – V by Very Blog Awards Ireland 2017

Shortlist – Maternity and Infant Awards 2017

Winner – Realex Payments Web Awards 2016 ‘Best Original Writing for a Website’

Finalist – Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards 2016