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I like Disney Princesses. Little Miss is very fond of them, if anything for the way the dresses twirl when she spins. We’re all raised on Disney with Snow White, Belle, Aurora and Cinderella being staples in most of our homes. The stories are adventures. The songs are beautiful and melodic and the beauty is profound. It’s not our world though is it?

Not Just A Princess

They’re not exactly the role models we want to inspire our children, especially our daughters, to grow up with, are they? Princesses who sit in castles waiting for true love because true love is the be all and end all of a successful and happy life. They are simple stories with very little abstract examples of how life really works. And that’s fine because sometimes we need romantic simplicity.

But in our early years, as we’re influenced and educated, as we soak up the world and listen to its vibrations, we need a little more. A little more understanding, a little more positivity, a little more direction. And a push in the right direction at that.

Our daughters are not just princesses. They are and will be so much more with the right role models and characters to look up to.

Finding those inspirational people isn’t all that easy with Disney at the forefront of almost everything aimed at little girls. Sifting our way through the tiaras and ball gowns can be laborious. So let me tell you about a new venture, aimed at our daughters, inspiring them to know they are more and can be who and what they want to be.

Fellow blogger and Dad to Jade, Gavin Leonard, aka Not Just a Princess, has launched a beautiful box set of six books telling the tales of Jade and the Princess who steps outside the castle. Launched on kickstarter we’re hoping these books will be mainstream in no time. They need to be on the bookshelves of every home library, every school and library.

Not Just A Princess

Gavin tells us, “The name for this little project of mine came from me continuously insisting that Jade was “Not Just a Princess” despite all of our family and friends telling me that she could be a baby model, or that she was like a little ballerina, or that she was going to break hearts! No one said she was going to win a Nobel Prize, or invent something amazing, or that she could be the President – and when I said she was going to be a Kung Fu Master or a Ninja, these ideas were dismissed out of hand. Although I’m not necessarily against the Princess genre, I do think that the stereotype we are unknowingly projecting onto young girls can be very damaging. There might not be hard evidence to back up this feeling but whoever she wants to be, I want my little girl to know I’ve got her back!”

And this is exactly how I feel about our two girls too. Which is why I’m delighted to have this set of books in our house. Not only that, but they have become Little Missus’ favourites at bedtime. It didn’t take long for her to latch on to this series. The stories are beautiful, the artwork is captivating and the ethos is exactly what we want to be teaching our girls. They can do what they want. They can be what they want. Boundaries, stereotypes and gender will not define their future.

Gavin has launched a kickstarter project today and we are only too happy to show him support. Better still Gavin has given me a Not Just A Princess box set to giveaway!

Not Just A Princess


I’m chuffed that Gavin has given me a Not Just a Princess set for one of my readers. The giveaway is running over on Facebook and Instagram so click on over and get your name in the hat for these beautiful books. 

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And please tell your friends and family about Not Just A Princess. Gavin has poured his heart and soul into these books and we’d love to help him out in getting them moving. The kickstarter link is here so please do check it out.

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