Happy Days #2

This week has been an odd mixture of wet and humid weather but luckily anytime we escaped the confines of work or the house, the sun peeked out from behind the clouds to greet us. Unfortunately, the wet weather has meant B can’t cut the lawn which is just too wet. It’s slowly becoming a forest again. I have to say I’m happy he cuts the grass and not me because by the time it’s dry enough to cut it’ll be up around my knees! I’ll admit I didn’t think I would do a Happy Days post this week but there have been enough happy moments to make a list and remember them. What has made you happy this week?

Our Family Life – Happy Days #2

It was my birthday on Tuesday and the first birthday in years that I had to work. I’ve been lucky that most years we’re on holidays over my birthday and we usually go out for breakfast or enjoy a picnic to celebrate. Not this year. But B and A surprised me with a gorgeous dark chocolate meringue cake and hearing A sing Happy Birthday to me over and over again, melted my heart. Being a Mum is awesome!

My own Mum planted some recovery plants in pots for us a week ago… and I haven’t killed them! I’m not the best at keeping beautiful plants alive but I’m determined to nurture these pots because my Mum put so much time and effort into them! Go Momma Bear! (Yikes, ignore the paint on the house – we’ll get around to that some day!)

On Friday, we met up with my parents, my sister, and her four wonderful kids. I have not seen the kids in about 6 weeks as life has taken over with one thing or another. It can be so hard to arrange to meet up but our parents invited us up for lunch and while the food was being prepped my sister and I brought the kids to Newbridge House and Farm. A beautifully warm day and lots of fun with slush puppies, swings, slides, farm animals and a forest walk!  Needless to say we were shattered and A was fast asleep by 7:50pm  (whoop, more time to blog… or procrastinate with twitter)

Happy days over heaven's hill parenting blog
Wherever the cousins go, A goes!
Happy Days Over Heaven's Hill Parenting Blog
A adores and looks up to her big cousin. She follows him everywhere.

Today we went to Wooly Wards Farm, for a Teddy Bears Picnic with Nanny and A’s little cousin F! I don’t know who was more excited, me or the kids! What a great day! Keep an eye out next week for our review of Wooly Wards Farm and the Teddy Bears Picnic.

Wooly Wards Farm over heaven's hill parenting blog

My Blogging Life -Happy Days #2

Longlisted whoop! I made the longlist in two categories in the LWI Blog Awards! To say I’m happy is an absolute understatement! I am ecstatic and so eager to make the shortlist. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!

Blog awards Ireland Over Heaven's Hill Parenting Blog

I have 180 official subscribers to my blog – yowsers when did that happen!? I love each and every one of you!

Social Media – I’ve almost reached 1000 followers on twitter. And a wee following of 25 on facebook. I find facebook difficult so I’ll admit I focus on twitter a lot more. But I’m slowly getting into the swing of things with Facebook.

And that’s my Happy Days List for this week. What has made you happy this week?

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15 thoughts on “Happy Days #2

  1. I love cousin time, even now I love spending time with my cousins, starting off when we were young and messing around playing and then eventually getting older and going to discos and now getting married and having children, sounds like you had a fab week 🙂 #marvmondays

    1. I loved playing with my cousins too when I was a kid. It’s a special bond. And A absolutely adores her cousin’s. On Friday it was so beautiful to watch them all run to each other with hugs and smiles

  2. Well done on making the long-list. You are doing amazing with your stats too, Geraldine! Hope you had a lovely birthday. My sister visited with her hubby and kids on Saturday and it was so lovely to see them. They’re in Manchester and having 2 kids under 3 meant they haven’t been to us since they were born. So lovely to get together. Here’s to a fabulous August. Geraldine! #MarvMOndays

    1. Its great catching up with family isnt it! It’s very hard to find the time to meet up. My sister lives less than a ten minute drive away from me but its still so hard. Yes, here’s to a fantastic August 🙂 Thanks Jane

  3. Happy belated birthday! I usually always try to book mine off and somehow we’ve managed to time it so Archie (christmas day) and the next little one (due this week) will always be off on holiday for their birthdays too haha. Congrats on the awards, that’s fab news. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

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