Happy Days #1

Who doesn’t need a bit of positivity in their lives! Welcome to Happy Days, a new segment of Over Heaven’s Hill, exploring everything I am grateful for and happy about that happened in the last week. What has made you happy this week?

Our Family Life – Happy Days #1

Happy days our family life over heaven's hill
While we weeded A played football 🙂

Getting the roof fixed – definitely on the top of our list. We moved in last October and luckily there isn’t too much heavy work to be done but the roof was essential and finally was sorted this week.

Date with B – the highlight of the week was certainly my date with B. A trip to the cinema, a lovely walk and lunch. It’s rare that we take the time to go out together like this so we cherished the moment and thanked the grandparents profusely for looking after A.

Watching A “drop the elbow” wrestling style on B – A has become a wrestling fan since B introduced her to WWE and Henry Rollins. I’ll never tire of watching her “drop the elbow” on him. Hilarious!

Lounging in bed with B and A on Sunday morning – we’re getting into a habit of doing this but secretly I love it and could stay there all day with them.

Gardening and Weedingsorting our large and imposing garden has been daunting but with the help and guidance of my parents we got stuck in and have pruned back, chopped down, dug out and replanted the garden. We finally planted my potted ferns in the ground (or rather my dad did!)

My Blogging Life – Happy Days #1

Happy days list my blogging life Over Heaven's Hill

Making new blogger friends on Facebook and Twitter – I can genuinely say that I have made some new friends through blogging. I never imagined this would happen but it’s great to have gotten to know you all.

Becoming more organised – I have finally gotten my head around blogging and have started to organise and focus my blog and my daily tasks.

Reviews – being asked to collaborate on four reviews in July. I didn’t expect this at all when I started blogging. But I’m open to reviewing products and events once they are of interest to my readers and my family. So far I’ve published one review and working on the other three to be published in August.

And that’s my Happy Days List for this week. What has made you happy this week?

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    6 thoughts on “Happy Days #1

    1. Aw, loads of good news and positives! Great news about the reviews! I’ll look forward to reading them. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and your little corner of the web, Geraldine. #DreamTeam

    2. Yay! A happy post. These are always so uplifting. It’s really nice to be able to check off big projects and also remember little things. One of my highlights from this week has been taking Little Button to the safari park and watching her feed a giraffe, the look on her face was priceless. Look forward to reading more from your series. Thank you for linking up to the #dreamteam

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