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This week on In Conversation With, I had the pleasure of speaking with the beautiful Julie from Fab Working Mom Life. Julie is a working Mom, a blogger and a mother of one. I know exactly the daily grind Julie goes through as I’m a full time working Momma Bear also. It can be very difficult to keep the house and home going and ensure you’re not neglecting yourself, your partner and most importantly your children. But some how we manage it, and sometimes we need help. Julie’s blog is fantastic and I feel like I can relate to a lot that she says. Keeping our identity in parenthood is so important. Read on to see what Julie has to say on being a working mom.

Julie Fab Working Mom Life In Conversation With Over Heaven's Hill
The lovely Julie from Fab Working Mom Life

How many children do you have?

I currently have one child – a silly toddler boy who is getting close to turning two!

Are you a Working Mum, Stay-at-Home Mum, or Work-from-Home Mum?

I am a Working Mom, full-time outside the home, long commute and all. Also, I blog, and am trying to turn my blog into a part-time income.

What are the most challenging aspects of balancing your work life and your home life?

It feels like there are not enough hours in the day for it all. I have to balance work and commute, spending quality time with the sweet child of mine, and all the other things considered adulting.

How do you overcome these challenges?

I have found asking for help is a major sanity saver. Even if “asking” turns into “paying someone else to do your ish.” We already had a lawn crew, so why not get other chores taken care of by someone else, so we can focus on family time? So I now have my groceries delivered, because I don’t want to spend my precious weekends fighting a toddler at the store. I just bought a Groupon for a house cleaning, and should probably continue getting that chore done for me. I am on the lookout for ways to simplify the overwhelm.

Do you think it’s easier or harder to be a Mum now than when you were being raised?

Julie Fab Working Moms Life In Conversation With Over Heaven's Hill

I definitely think it is easier in many ways. We have access to the internet and so many wonderful (local and virtual) mom tribes to help support each other. (Though there are always trolls to look out for.) There are so many more resources than even a decade ago when my best friend had her baby. But it is probably harder in other ways. I live so far from any family so I often feel like I am parenting in a bubble. I do feel support from my friends, but it certainly isn’t the same as having family nearby. I think we have become a lot more mobile as a culture than maybe in generations past.

What is the best part about being a Mum?

I created an amazing work of art with my own body – that has been the most awe-inspiring thing to happen in my life. Having a special little tiny human look up to me and need me so much is incredible and also humbling.

What is your biggest fear as a Mum?

There’s always the fear I’m gonna screw it up or something bad will happen. I worry my kid will fall and get hurt and I won’t be close enough to prevent it. I worry I won’t know what to do as he gets older and how to cope with all the challenges that come with each stage. But I think these are normal Mom fears we all experience from time to time.

What is the one thing you would have done differently as a first-time Mum?

I feel like maternity leave and my first few months with that little baby went by in such a haze, I now remember little of it. I wish I was more organized and created more keepsakes. I often wish I did more than take pictures with my cell phone to float around the cloud, instead of displayed for us to enjoy. But we were in survival mode then.

Julie Fab Working Moms Life In Conversation With Over Heaven's Hill

What advice would you give other women about pregnancy and parenting?

There is so much advice, we are drowned in it. It is important to trust our gut and pick and choose what works for us, and just forget what does not. We are all different, our pregnancies are different, and our babies are different. Motherhood is not a one-size-fit-all situation. Different parenting methods apply to us in varying ways. We do the best we can for ourselves and our children based on our situations and the tools available to us.

What is your favourite way to relax your little one is in bed and sound asleep?

I’ll let you know when that happens. Ha! I tend to work on my blogging tasks when the baby goes to bed. But when I’m all spent for the day and not yet ready to fall asleep, I enjoy reading. I like to curl up in bed and read a book and enjoy a great fictional fantasy or young adult adventure.

Fab Working Mom Life

Julie is a new mom and military spouse who works full time and blogs, all while wishing she had more time to read fun books. She writes about being a working mom in order to help herself and other working moms in our journeys to find a balance between family, responsibilities, and hobbies so we can thrive both at home and at work.

Julie can be found blogging at Fab Working Mom Life and Chapter Break, and hanging out on social media: Twitter ~ Pinterest ~ Facebook ~ Instagram

I absolutely loved this post from Julie on 300+ Amazing Ideas for Frugal Family Fun which includes her monthly activities planner! We have one on our fridge 🙂 

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