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I am so thrilled to have Helen aka Mother in the House aka Mum aka Doc as my last In Conversation With before Little Bean joins us. I’ve decided to give the series a break while we adjust to being a family of four on the off-chance that I miss a scheduled date with some of my amazing blogger contributors to the series. I thoroughly enjoy blogging and I want to keep up the momentum with Over Heaven’s Hill as much as I can while we go through this massive change with our little family but I’ve decided not to tie myself down with scheduled posts. The blog will be a lot more ad-hoc over the summer months. But In Conversation With will be back in September! So, I’m absolutely chuffed to have Helen as my last blogger in the current series. Helen is a fab blogger, an awesome doctor and an incredible Mum. She has a brilliant sense of humour and I love, love, love her answer to the question, “What is the best thing about being a parent?” All I’ll say is, spot on Helen, spot on! If I was wearing a hat, I’d raise it to you!

Did you enjoy being pregnant?

Did I enjoy being pregnant? What’s not to enjoy? Eating double, legitimately taking over the entire bed with my mountain of pillows, getting to sit down during handover when there weren’t enough seats…. Oh well the hip pain,the back pain, the constant peeing, the fatigue, the forgetfulness, the flu with no hardcore drugs to help, standing at an operating table trying not to vomit in my mask, or worse keel over like a first year med student.
But as it was now 11 months ago- yes I loved it! I can only remember the good bits, and most importantly the magic and joy of a baby at the end of it!

What was the hardest thing about being pregnant?

Trying to enjoy it whilst feeling horrendous working full time and trying desperately hard to be mum to a toddler when actually I just wanted to put her in 24/7 childcare – and then dealing with the mum guilt of even thinking like that!!

What’s the one thing you would have done differently as a parent?

Parenthood is all about making thousands of decisions whilst being underprepared and sleep deprived. So, there is always something I think I should have done differently but as parents we are never going to know if the other option would have worked out better, certainly not until it’s too late anyway, so it’s not worth thinking of!
But I would have liked to be more relaxed. I guess I would have liked to have been a “second time” mum with my first born, I was so neurotic and terrified of doing something wrong with my eldest. Second time around I know everything is just a phase and actually kids are made of pretty strong stuff. The baby will sleep at some point, stop crying at some point, the toddler tantrum will end at some point and most of all the occasional chocolate button bribery isn’t going to immediately lead to a lifetime of rotten teeth and morbid obesity for them!

What do you miss most about your life before kids?

A lie in. A proper lie in. Like actually lying in, asleep until past 7am. Everyone warns you about the sleepless nights but no one tells you that you will never again get to sleep in until past 7am. The closest I get is when Phil takes the kids downstairs for breakfast on a weekend and I stay in bed – but even then I have been up for ages already, my ears pricked to the first noise the kids made and then been awake an hour while feeding etc. Even when we are lucky enough to have a night off from the kids we will still wake up before 7am and then lie there pretending and trying so hard to sleep until 9am until we finally admit defeat and get out of bed to continue life as perpetually exhausted individuals AKA parents.

What is the best thing about being a parent?

They provide a great excuse.
 House is a mess: it was the kids. It really was.

No make up on: Sorry the kids had me up all night (I just couldn’t be bothered)

Grubby clothes on: the kids wiping snot on me again (it’s actually my own breakfast..)

Wearing practical comfortable shoes: I need to chase after the kids (actually I have just always hated wearing heels)

Don’t want to go dancing in a club where I will feel like oldest person in there surrounded by sweaty drunk 20 somethings with tiny waists and no wrinkles : can’t get a babysitter.

Super saggy boobs: I breast fed 2 children (actually they were never that great but now I can pretend they were!)

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Take risks. As I parent with each passing year I become infinitely more risk averse. I’m rapidly heading towards wrapping me and the kids up in cotton wool in a bomb proof shelter and living out our days. In my younger days I was far more adventurous but was constantly told to calm down, think twice, think of the risks etc… I guess it probably makes for a good doctor and a responsible parent but then I sometimes think I’m sooooo boring!!!
mother in the house

You’re in the store with a full cart and your baby starts crying frantically…what do you do?

I would freak out. That sort of public demon child demonstration is my worst nightmare. I either order on line to have it delivered or I tuck the kids up in bed a pop out in an evening. It’s best to avoid a screaming child and a weeping parent.

Many thanks to Helen for joining me on In Conversation With and sharing her thoughts and parenting experiences with us 🙂

You can find Helen at her Blog, Mother In The House and on Twitter.

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