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This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Lorna who works part time as a Community Support Worker. Her passion, however, is her handmade craft store, Simply Felt Ireland. I have found that the parents I have spoken to throughout this series, use their talents and hobbies to regain a part of their identity in the midst of parenting. Lorna has crafted a niche in the market with beautiful wool roving angels and fairies and other felt gifts for children including crowns and quiet books.

Time to own up! Lorna is my sister who you may remember I mentioned in Momma Deserves Something Pretty I’m amazed at her dedication and her talent. The beautiful angels and fairies she creates are expertly made. I asked her to take part in In Conversation With so that I could share her stunning talent with you. I often wonder with four children where she finds the time to indulge in a hobby she is so very talented at. I think that if you are talented at something like this, you will always try to find the time.

How many children do you have?

I have four children, two boys and two girls. They are 11, 8, 4, and the baby will be one in September.

What is your craft and what inspired you to start your online shop?

I make Felt Gifts and Wool Roving Angels. I sell my crafts through my Etsy Shop and take custom orders through my Facebook page. I’ve always been creative but Simply Felt Ireland was something that happened naturally. My husband bought me a sewing machine for my 40th birthday. I had this desire to start sewing even though I hadn’t done anything like this in years. I love working with felt and creating something new and unique.

Simply Felt Ireland Over Heaven's Hill Parenting Blog

Simply Felt Ireland In Conversation With Over Heaven's Hill Parenting Blog

Do you like what you do?

I love it. I love using felt and making something special. Especially when it’s a custom order and the client has an idea of what they are looking for, whether that is specific colours or a specific theme for an angel or fairy.

What do you do in order to maintain a healthy balance between your business and home life?

I’ll admit it is hard to find the time with four kids to be able to sit down at the sewing machine or with my materials. It’s easier to wait until there isn’t too much distraction, when it’s quieter, generally in the evening or when the kids are preoccupied with something else. I take any opportunity I can to start thinking my ideas through and plan ahead for my next project or craft so that when I do get the time to sit down and work, I’m not mulling things over, I know exactly what has to be done and do it!

Simply Felt Ireland In Conversation With Over Heaven's Hill

The most challenging thing is the urge to make something. Generally, I like to make a new item or plan what I will do the following day or organise my materials. Every day, I make sure that I do something for Simply Felt Ireland. I need to keep creating, otherwise I get withdrawal symptoms!

But, I have to find the balance between home and hobby. I can’t put myself under pressure running around the house organising the family with dinners, clothes etc. just because I want to be at my sewing machine. I’d obviously love to sit in my work room all day but family comes first.

What is the best thing about being a Mum?

I love being a Mum. There are so many things! I love being with the kids, watching them grow. The new words that they learn, the little kisses they give. My kids have a way of showing me that they love me and appreciate what I do for them. Seeing them grow and seeing them have respect for others. Makes me believe that I’m doing something right.

What is your biggest fear as a Mum?

Their future. You can’t control that. My biggest fear is that they will fall in with the wrong crowd. For me, I find it important to give our kids the right values so that they can make the right decisions when they need to.

What are your hopes and dreams for your children?

I really just want them to be happy in what they do, so that they are not stuck in jobs that they hate. I want them to be able to express themselves. I want them to be happy and follow their dreams.

I also hope that they stay close to each other as they grow older. Family is so important. I hope they will always be there to help each other out.

Simply Felt Ireland In Conversation With Over Heaven's Hill Family Blog

What advice would you give to other Mum’s hoping to pursue their hobbies further?

Know that it’s not easy. But it’s not easy in any job. Remember to prioritise and try not to put too much pressure on yourself. Family always comes first!

Lorna ships internationally and is happy to take custom orders and requests. Contact her for more information:

Etsy and Facebook


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36 thoughts on “In Conversation With: Simply Felt Ireland

  1. Your sister is very talented- I really do relate to fearing for the future sometimes and what crowd my little guy will fall into, but just like your sister says- if you teach good values and live by them hopefully the right decisions are made, and if not, well hopefully it can be a lesson learned 🙂 #sharingthebloglove

  2. These are lovely – I love felt, I had loads of little felt garlands to decorate my wedding venue! Etsy shops are amazing for this kind of thing! I’m always inspired by anyone who starts up their own venture, particularly alongside motherhood. What a lovely way to showcase your sister’s work – thanks so much for sharing it with us at #SharingtheBlogLove

    1. I love a good stroll through Etsy, there really are some talented people out there! My sister being one of them 🙂 I can only imagine how hard it is to keep going with your passion with four Kids! But she does it!

  3. Oh these are lovely! I always admire people who can make things with their own hands. Plus the dedication to set up and sell them is amazing.Plus she has FOUR children, how does she find the time??? Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove Laura x

    1. And the baby is starting to walk! She has her work cut out for her 🙂 lorna is so very talented and her work is beautiful. I think the dedication and the love of the craft keeps you going no matter what.

  4. Your sister is very talented, these are beautiful. I have been meaning to try my hand at felting but never seem to find the time for a new craft, I would love to make my kids felt play food #KCACOLS

    1. They are so beautiful. Photos really don’t do them enough justice. The colours are so vibrant. I don’t know how she does it with 4 kids either. But when you have a talent and an urge to do something you do it! Kind of like us writing 🙂

    1. They are so beautiful aren’t they! Lorna has a lot more made than what’s on her etsy shop and she loves to do custom orders so contact her on Facebook if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for!
      I would love to have you on In Conversation With, I’ll send you a mail 🙂

  5. Wow what amazing original crafts. I am always in awe of people who can do things like this. I am even more in awe that she is able to find the time with 4 kids, I salute you.

  6. Oh wow, they are so beautiful! Your sis is really talented 🙂 I totally understand re using creativity to reconnect with your identity too xx #kcacols

  7. It is always empowering to see women doing something they love and also having time for their fsmiky. It can be such a hard balance. The angels are beautiful. She is quite talented. What a fun business. #KCACOLS

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