Happy Birthday Momma Bear

I’m 33 today! Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me. Until I became a mum, birthdays were the bees knees. I would count down to my birthday and always have something planned. I would do my level best to take the day off work and if I was lucky, head out somewhere for breakfast.  But since becoming a mum birthdays have changed for me. They are no longer as important as they used to be. In saying that though, there are two birthdays that stand out to me. Two birthdays I hold all other birthday days against and compare them too.

Turning 7 – Do the Locomotion

Perhaps the best birthday party on the planet.

My mum planned a Disco Birthday Party for me. Because I was born in July, she would always prepare me for the fact that a lot of my friends may be away on holidays, but that year I remember the house being full. I had just taken part in a ballet performance – yep, I was a mini ballerina for all of 3 years – in the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin were I wore a multi-coloured skirt and ruffle blouse. I loved it and thought it was perfect for my disco party which was held in the back garden.

Multicoloured Skirt
My awesome skirt was similar to this only way more awesome and cool

My 7 year old child’s eyes saw colour and sunshine everywhere. It was a hot day and we danced to Kylie Minogue’s Locomotion (which is clearly why this is on my list of songs to dance to with your toddler!) I don’t recall what presents I received, what food we ate, or what the cake was like. But I know it was all there. What has stayed in my heart and mind was the excitement, the fun and the laughter. Best Birthday Ever!

Turning 29 – Holla Wha’!

This Birthday is an exception to every other birthday I’ve had in my 33 years. I know it will never be repeated. B and I were in Berlin on my 29th Birthday and we spent the day in blistering sunshine and humidity, hopping from one restaurant to another, from cafe, to ice cream parlour. It was the ultimate indulgence.

We started off the day with an enormous breakfast platter at the sophisticated and vintage Cafe Einstein Stammaus, followed with a stroll through Tiergarten, and a stumble across some markets along the Spree. We found ourselves in a café for a quick stop off for coffee, and wandered back to KaDeWe for lunch at the Thai Bar. An obligatory browse through the many floors in KaDeWe and we made our way to the Hard Rock Cafe for a retrospective starter. Sufficiently satisfied, we teetered back to KaDeWe for dessert at the ice cream and chocolate bar. Exhausted, we ambled off to our hotel where we pampered ourselves with cocktails.

Happy Birthday Momma Bear Over Heaven's Hill Parenting Blog
A postiviely worn out Momma Bear near the end of our day of food glorious food! Those dark circles and bags are humidity induced exhaustion from the Berlin summer.

We were exhausted, full to the point of explosion but it was a once in a lifetime, incredibly satisfying birthday!

And Now I’m 33 – Momma Bear

Birthdays have changed since becoming Momma Bear. I live for A’s birthday now, and hope to give her the birthday memories my parents gave me. I remember turning five and blowing the candles out after we returned home from a two week holiday in Ibiza. I remember my tenth birthday was a craft party where my mum put so much effort into entertaining me and my friends. I remember my 21st, when my parents booked us all in to the restaurant, The Washer Women’s Inn, because I didn’t want a party and just wanted to be with my family and B. I remember them all.

This year, I have no plans. This year I’m in work on my birthday. But I don’t mind. My birthday’s are lived through A. Once she sings Happy Birthday to me, I’m wonderfully happy. In fact, she was incredible thoughtful this year and courtesy of Papa Bear she bought me my very first FiloFax Organiser. I’m uber retro with my Cover Story FiloFax which I realise I was in dire need of to organise my blogging life! So I am a very, very happy Momma Bear today!

Happy Birthday to Momma Bear Over Heaven's Hill Family Lifestyle Parenting Blog

Happy Birthday to Momma Bear Over Heaven's Hill Family Lifestyle Parenting Blog

  • This is a non-collaborative post – I simply adore my new FiloFax and wanted to show it off *

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