Kopper Kreation Rocks

You may remember that B and I have a certain style when it comes to our bits and bobs that are mingled around our house. We’re collectors and over our twelve years of living together we’ve managed to gather some cute and quirky bits that simply say “us”. Annnnndd then along comes the offspring and I don’t mean the band. A is probably the best thing we’ve picked up over the years and is the best addition to our house! She’s also the most expensive item we own (I know we don’t own her. Don’t worry about pointing out how completely politically incorrect it is to say that). In the last few years, with a beautiful new mouth to feed, moving house and paying bill after bill, we’ve had little chance to add to our collection. I miss shopping for quirks and oddities. I miss picking up an awesome find in a random shop in some back street of Dublin. I lost the shopping gene when A came along and resorted to spending my time and money in Boots on soothers and beaker after beaker after beaker. Until last week. Oh last week I was a happy giddy Momma Bear. Enter Kopper Kreation!

In the midst of collating a list of Irish Etsy shops for a Christmas Gift Guide series for Over Heaven’s Hill, a wonder shop caught my eye. Kopper Kreation. First off, what a cool name and secondly the wonderful and oh so, so nice and friendly Emmet, from Kopper Kreation, is a genius!

kopper kreation

I’m in Love

I’m a huge lover of steampunk and industrial as you may recall. My own jewellery line on etsy is mostly steampunk – think Queen Victoria meets Jules Verne or warm metal mixed with soft velvet. I simply do not own enough steampunk or industrial pieces. My mannequin, Doris Zephyr, and my Robots are the closest thing I have to fulfilling my dream of having a home mixed with steampunk, industrial pieces, robots and wonderful quirks… until now that is.

Kopper Kreation Rocks Home Decor
Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction or science fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. Image courtesy of www.costumemodels.com

Oh my lord, I’ve fallen in love. I have always wanted to own something unique, handcrafted and beautiful like Emmet’s, Kopper Kreation Table Lamp.

Kopper Kreation Rocks Home Decor
Emmets, Copper Pipe Table Lamp fits so perfectly with my Sci Fi Movie Postcards and Steampunk Pics which are slightly out of frame.

I find that there is something pleasantly beautiful about hard  but warm metal. Emmet is very clever indeed and has made a beautiful piece of home decor out of something simple but uniquely beautiful. His Kopper Kreation table lamp is delicately made with expertise. The copper pipe is perfectly manipulated into the smooth triangluar shaped base and that exposed Edison style bulb! Perfect! The pipe has been hand polished for a natural finish and has a beautiful soft braided black cable. It is a perfect addition to our home and our style.

I’m proud to say it’s a focal point in our house illuminating our hall on these darker nights. A has never seen an Edison light bulb lit up until now, and is fascinated with the large exposed filaments. She’s just like me and wants it on all day long! The oversized bulb is definitely a feature attraction to this copper pipe table lamp.

Kopper Kreation Rocks Home Decor

Kopper Kreation Rocks Home Decor

Where to find the Wonderful Kopper Kreation

Kopper Kreation is most certainly an Etsy shop to check out. Emmet, who also works full time, has developed and honed his craft to make a multitude of beautiful gifts and items for your home. From the beautiful Copper Table Lamp which I’ve fallen in love with, to his popular Copper Tealight Candle Holders, Emmet is one to watch. I have my eye on his quirky Copper Pipe Business Card Holder and know a few friends who would appreciate the Copper Pipe Candle Holder or the beautiful Sterling Silver Necklace with Copper Tube.

He has a very natural talent for creating interesting and unique items with something so simple and commonplace as copper pipe. I find, that he has managed to create a persona and an identity for every item he produces. His talent is immense and I have no doubt that you will be happy with any item you order from Kopper Kreation.

You can find Emmet at his shop on Etsy, Kopper Kreation or his website Kopper Kreation. He’s super friendly so watch out for him on Facebook and Instagram and of course Pinterest.

Emmet can also be found at the Honest2Goodness Farmers Market in Glasnevin, Dublin 11, which is held every Saturday. Keep an eye on his facebook page to see when he will be there.

And don’t foget to say hi to the lovely Emmet and tell him that Kopper Kreation Rocks! Remember, Christmas is just around the corner if you’re looking for something unique, handmade and that little bit quirky.

Kopper Kreation Rocks Home Decor

More about Emmet and Kopper Kreation from the lovely Emmet himself:

Kopper Kreation started out as a hobby! I have always been inspired by Scandinavian design and in particular the industrial element of it. I was looking at a Nordic interior design magazines and started to see copper being used more and more.

I loved it and I started experimenting in my shed with some basic designs. I built up some of my favourite designs and launched my Etsy shop this year. From this I have recently had my first craft fair and it was a huge success. I now have a regular slot at my local craft fair and am looking forward to finding more to attend.

The next stage is to build up my product base and expand my Etsy shop and website further! Hope you like my designs!

*This is a collaborative post. The beautiful Emmet, offered this incredibly copper lamp to me in return for a review. Clearly all views are 100% honest and completely my own*

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