Your Health Is Your Wealth

Or rather, getting enough sleep and staying hydrated is pretty much the best any parent can hope to achieve. I have to admit, and I should be embarrassed as I say it, but my health is not at the top of my agenda. Since quitting my job and having two kids run rings around me, earning money and putting clothes on their bums is what keeps me going. So writing is my wealth but with that stupid attitude my health has taken a nose dive. Stress, anxiety, yada, yada, yada, we all know the drill. But to be good to my kids, I have to be good to myself.

Ditch The Garbage

I’ve become the garbage bin. The decomposer. The consumer of all things bleugh. I never thought it would happen. In fact, I swore it wouldn’t. But being the parent who is home all day long and in need of sugar kicks every so often, I’ve found my diet dwindling from the average daily consumption of appropriate fibre, protein and the obligatory spinach, to basically the tuck shop. Fruit has not passed my lips in four days and the spinach is of the frozen variety and still sitting in the freezer.

From my kids leftovers to the mountain of sweets Papa Bear brings home and I don’t want Little Miss to eat, I’ve added a while new food group called “Dear god, don’t!”

Well, throwing perfectly good food in the bin is wrong, isn’t it? Yes, but not if it means those saturated fats are being added to your body unnecessarily. I never had the best diet anyway but with a four year old and a ten month old, my energy levels have gone kaput and I know improving my diet will help somewhat with the lengthy “Will someone get this woman a chair” moments, when no chair is forthcoming. Between running around the house, weaving through piles of washing and ignoring the dishwasher to having the kids literally dragging behind my sweet laden butt, my exhaustion levels have peaked. I probably had a full night sleep for the last time back in 2013. Oh those were the days, or nights rather.

As I always say to Little Miss, who is a deplorable picky eater, “You gotta eat for energy.” Point taken Momma Bear.

Health wealth
Yeah see there’s a good diet right there!

Pop Some Vitamins

I’ve never really been a true believer in vitamins or rather I’ve never been a true rememberer. Even when I was pregnant I desperately waned in remembering to take my pregnancy vitamins. In fact I think I still have a few boxes left over. Folic acid is so important for mums-to-be and I truly do advocate all women of childbearing age to pop those vitamins.

My shoddy diet, with all my extra effort which I’m adamant to cook up, could definitely do with an extra jolt of happy, happy vitamins. My iron stores have always been woeful and any little help will go a long way to keep my energy levels up. Since I can’t stomach the old iron tablets themselves (that was a fun experience during pregnancy number one), the minimal amount that my body will soak up thanks to some well positioned iron water swimming in my orange juice will have to do.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

And finally, I’m equally embarrassed to say that I generally fail miserably in drinking my eight cups of volcanic water a day. Unless tea counts, which I somehow doubt that it does. Before I quit my job, I was pretty decent at making those numerous trips to the water cooler but these days I’m struggling and find my veins run on coffee more than anything else. Even A, at four years old, understands the benefits of water and drinks more than Momma Bear.

This is definitely going to change because I have noticed how my lack of water consumption has played havoc with my behaviour and energy levels. You’d wonder how I get anything done! So I will be grabbing that bottle of Waiakea, a volcanic water that originates in Hawai’i on the snowcapped peak of the active Mauna Loa volcano, said to be one of the purest environments on Earth. How much healthier can you get? And can I please get a plane ticket to get some sleep there?

And I will not be refilling that bottle from the tap as I once did in a previous life. Tap water is probably one of the reasons I stopped drinking so much water because of the acute metallic taste that lingers. Only good, honest, volcanic spring water will do to pick me up and bring me back into a proper routine of consuming water.

Water health is wealth

If I can manage these three oh so very, very simple steps to up my healthy life game, I will be quite impressed with myself indeed. The best part of this will be how I will be setting an example to my kids about good choices and good behaviours when it comes to dietary habits. And if that changes A from a picky eater to a kid who eats from the fruit bowl routinely, then I will have won parenting! (I’ve been told you can win this game)

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2 thoughts on “Your Health Is Your Wealth

  • November 20, 2018 at 11:55 am

    Couldn’t agree more on this, Geraldine. Health is wealth! There are three simple things that I know keeps me healthy (1) Good sleep (2) Good food – more veggies and fruits! (3) meditate and exercise (I do at home). I do eat healthy foods but that does not mean I deprive myself of eating pizza, fries, cake etc. I still do, I just do it in moderation 😉
    And yes, we have to be good examples to our kids.
    Thanks for sharing,

    • February 4, 2019 at 1:12 pm

      Thanks Jessica. Yes it’s important to show our kids healthy habits, even though we may fall down every now and again with our own pizza days 🙂


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