3 Psychological Thrillers To Tingle Your Spine

Since having kids my ability to be comfortable with any sort of blood, guts or fear factor has diminished considerably when watching TV. In fact, I’ve pressed the pause button on The Walking Dead which I was obsessed with pre-babies and found my way back to the 1960s crazy world of advertising with Mad Men on Netflix. Aside from being addicted, like the rest of the world, to the incredible obscure and unusual, Stranger Things, I’m a wuss, and happy to admit it. This Halloween I will be skipping the classics and will let Freddy Kruger and Jason terrorize some other poor soul who can handle the terror. But, in saying that, I love a good psychological thriller that messes with your mind without the gore fest. So here are my top three Psychological Thrillers on Netflix that will chill your spine.

NetflixFirst of all, I’m not a film critic.

Secondly, there will be no spoilers!

Thirdly, my recommendations come from my own personal taste which is somewhat eclectic. But there is nothing wrong with trying out a new flavour every so often.

And finally, when it comes to TV and movies, I have relatively high standards. I will switch something off ten minutes in if it’s not keeping my attention. So, if I sat through the whole thing, it must be good – right! 😊

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Considering most of us are binge watching Stranger Things Season 2, which came back today (27th October), and will more than likely run through the nine episode series in a day or two, we’re left with a quandary for what to watch on Halloween night!

Halloween night does not have to be about jumping out of your skin as someone is grabbed by their ankles and pulled out of a room, fingernails breaking on the blood stained floor. You don’t have to hide behind the sofa or watch a movie behind a cushion or through the gaps in your fingers as your hands cover your eyes from the horrifying slasher that’s unfolding on the TV you wish was smaller. I can’t handle that kind of horror these days anyway, so, I stick to thrillers that get my mind working but still strike up a level of fear and apprehension that gets the adrenalin going… just not the anxiety! Right!

Psychological Thrillers are my go to movies when I want to watch something that will have me thinking and possibly questioning the world around me. I’ve chosen three incredible thrillers that will chill your spine on Halloween night. They will mess with your mind, make you ponder humanity and question the very basic instinct of mankind, which quite frankly can be a lot more terrifying than a maniac with a knife.

Happy Halloween!

The Circle

Director: Aaron Hann, 2015

Running Time: 1hr 27mins

Starring: Julie Benz, Carter Jenkins

Circle is classed as a drama and science fiction film but for me it sent all sorts of shivers down my spine as the characters in this movie are forced to make choices no man should ever have to make. B randomly put this movie on one night and admittedly I held up little hope for it as it seemed too simple but I was incredibly wrong. Circle has a very basic but well thought out premise that evolves as the clock ticks down. Fifty strangers, in a circle, face execution but the choice of who will survive is theirs. There is a game to be played with just one winner. What makes this movie so engrossing is how the choice is to be made, how the instinct to survive is so raw and how the fear is absolutely transparent. The tension in this film is never-ending with a quick and poignant dialogue that will keep you watching.

The Box


Director: Richard Kelly, 2009

Running Time: 1hr 55mins

Starring: Cameron Diaz, James Marsden

We watched The Box just a week ago and to say this film went from a slow, mundane, ordinary suburbia to an obscure, bizarre and unknown plain is an understatement. Initially, Diaz’s character frustrated me and I wasn’t too sure I’d make it to the end of the movie but soon enough the pace picked up and the questions started. The plot is simple or appears simple but it amps up quickly. Our main characters are struggling parents. As with many, money would solve a lot of their problems. And so in lies the question, how far would you go to make a buck? A stranger knocks on the door, offers a box with a button. Press the button and you get one million dollars but there are consequences to pushing the button. Could you live with the consequences? There are times this movie answers questions that didn’t need to be answered. And there are elements that are too far fetched which loses the plots authority but the questions this movie asks of ordinary people is interesting and thought provoking. It’s one to watch for its entertainment value and it’s wonderful obscurity.


Nightcrawler netflix

Director: Dan Gilroy, 2014

Running Time: 1hr 57mins

Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo

Firstly, Jake Gyllenhaal always surprises me as an actor but his portrayal in this movie, blew me away. Nightcrawler is a term used for a freelance photographer who chases incidents to get the most graphic images to sell to the media. It’s seedy, it’s dark, it’s depressing and it’s compelling. Gyllenhaal plays an up and coming photographer who is vying for his big break. He is fighting for ground in the freelance world and becomes the lead in his own story as this graphic portrayal of the L.A. crime scene comes to life. This movie is so gritty that you can almost taste the disgust throughout the storyline. A moody and desperate movie for your post trick or treating.

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