Top 5 Netflix Shows For Kids

I am absolutely, unequivocally not embarrassed or ashamed to hand over the iPad to Little Miss and let her have some R&R with Netflix. The kid spends most of her day running around and practicing parkour on our sofa that she deserves a little downtime. They say “teach a kid how to netflix and your sorted for life!” Well little Miss knows how to Netflix better than me. Here are her top 5 (which we tough to round down to five) shows on Netflix at the moment. 

Cupcake And Dino

Netflix kids

“An enterprising cupcake and his cheerful dinosaur brother” … there are some things we don’t question about kids cartoons … “take on jobs of all sorts as they work to help friends and strangersnin their eccentric city.” Yep all of that sounds about right! To be fair, this show, in all its weird and peculiarity, is funny. Or at least Little Miss thinks so. Her little giggle at the weirdest and randomest moments in Cupcake and Dino makes me laugh on the inside.

Wild Kratts

 Netflix kids

I was surprised that Little Miss got sucked into Wild Kratts but she really loves this one. The Kratt brothers embark on adventures to teach our kids about the world around them. Little Miss has come to me with new details about this insect and that animal. “Where did you learn that?” I ask. “Wild Kratts”, she shouts and then immediately asks if she could watch it. Go on then!

Richie Rich

Netflix kids

Richie Rich based loosely on the incredibly lame movie we all loved back in 1994 for a makeover in 2015 as a tv show. And Little Miss loves it. The cute acting and gentle storylines are perfect for kids who use their imagination to embellish on the tender tales that come from a kid who sold an idea and became a billionaire. Living the dream eh!


Netflix kids

Pocoyo is one of the most beautoful animations to cross our paths. Despite aimed at a younger audience, Little Miss has a very strong draw to this one and has loved it for years. Narrated by Stephen Fry makes it easy to listen to for Momma Bear too (No squeaky Mr Tumble voice here).It’s innocence, simplicity and gentle stories makes it a perfect addition to any kids Netflix list.

Steven Universe

Netflix kids

Little Miss has an odd sense of humour and Steven Universe with his incredibly weird and wonderful world is perfect her. I’ll be honest I don’t get it at all. She even watched the same episode repeatedly with some weird cat fingers because “it’s so funny Mammy!” Em yeah ok darling if you say so!

*** Disclaimer: As a member of the Netflix StreamTeam I have received a complimentary Netflix membership ***

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