5 Netflix Originals Series You Have To See

Since Netflix came along the way we view TV has changed so dramatically. No longer are we on tenderhooks waiting a week for the next episode of our favourite show. Trips to the video store, while nostalgic, are no longer done. And the phrase “there’s never anything on” can be left behind in the TV and Movie history books. Because with Netflix there is always something on. And thanks to Netflix there are some incredible original movies and TV shows brought to us directly through the provider. And when I say incredible I mean, surprisingly amazing and insanely worthwhile viewing. Here’s 5 Netflix Original Series you absolutely have to watch! Someone go get the popcorn…

NetflixFirst of all, I’m not a tv or film critic.

Secondly, there will be no spoilers!

Thirdly, my recommendations come from my own personal taste which is somewhat eclectic. But there is nothing wrong with trying out a new flavour every so often.

And finally, when it comes to TV and movies, I have relatively high standards. I will switch something off ten minutes in if it’s not keeping my attention. So, if I sat through the whole thing, it must be good – right! 😊

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The Crown

Netflix the crown

Creator: Peter Morgan

Seasons: 2

Starring: Claire Foy, Matt Smith, John Lithgow

I’m starting off with an obvious choice for the week that’s in it. The Crown, has been an incredible success for Netflix with the second season airing last Friday (8th December). I’ll admit I’m teasing myself with this season and spacing the episodes out so that I can savour the royal politeness and entanglements. I’m a fan of the obscure nature of the British Monarchy so this, along with anything in any way similar to Downton Abbey, will have me intrigued.

Claire Foy expertly plays the troubled but staunch Queen Elizabeth and Matt Smith, her tiresome and sometimes irreverent Prince Phillip. With a perfectly polite British dialogue, even through disastrous arguments that should see plates flying, The Crown portrays the Royal Family in a familiar light making them real and somewhat human outside the facade that is Buckingham Palace. Fact mingled with elaborated fiction, The Crown, is brilliantly produced bringing us back to an era long lost to relive a story about a woman facing adversity and challenges at every corner as she took a crown she had no choice but to wear.

Orange Is The New Black

Orange is the new black Netflix

Creator: Jenji Kohan

Seasons: 5

Starring: Taylor Schilling, Kate Mulgrew, Laura Prepon

Five seasons in and I’d be surprised if there is anyone out there who has not heard of Orange Is The New Black or OITNB if you’re one of the cool kids. With its daring promiscuity, this cell block show has courted us with vivid storylines, intense characters and a dialogue that is both hilarious and heartwarming, not forgetting poignant and dramatic. The narrative pushes the boundaries as life inside the women’s prison is a fierce reality for inmates who can’t cope, won’t cope and learn to cope with the walls they are forced to stay inside of.

While the first season was centred around Piper Chapman, who was initially sentenced to fifteen months in prison for a crime she committed years before, the show has evolved dramatically. The lives of various inmates are explored and the prison guards have strong roles, all becoming intertwined resulting in mouthwatering viewing as events escalate. With its fast paced dialogue, strong and enviable characters, twists and turns with shock storylines, this is one show you simply have to see.

Stranger Things

Stranger things netflix

Creator: Jenji Kohan

Seasons: 2

Starring: Taylor Schilling, Kate Mulgrew, Laura Prepon

The only way you may have missed this incredible series is if you’ve been living under a rock, at the bottom of the sea, on Pluto which is no longer considered a planet. I’ve had people tell me, “Oh no horror is not my thing, yada yada yada.” To them I say, “Stranger Things is not a horror… as such.” Ok it has its incredibly tense moments, horrifying monsters and unusual happenings but to write off a show because you’re not a fan of a genre is a bad move. Especially when something as new and clever as Stranger Things pops on the scene.

Set in the wonderfully reminiscent era of the 1980s, this series delves into deep themes such as relationships, trust, understanding where you belong in the world, and fighting your fears. With a incredible setting, a dialogue that is simply perfect and a cast that is the best ensemble a show has ever seen, Stranger Things hits a nerve that begs for more. The best binge watch tv because waiting for the next episode is torture!

13 Reasons Why

13 reasons why netflix originals

Creator: Brian Yorkey

Seasons: 1

Starring: Dylan Minnette, Katherine Langford, Kate Walsh

The only reason why 13 Reasons Why still sits in My List unwatched is because of the incredibly real and tough storyline which strikes fear into every parent. The series struck a chord with far too many people as the reality of teenage suicide was brought to our screens. I admire anyone who is able to write, act, direct and produce a series that is so poignant but a dramatically difficult subject matter.

I’ve been told that this series is brilliantly done, that it is a real and strong adaptation of the severity of bullying in our schoolyards, that it is a real and provocative portrayal of the hurt, fear, anger and desperation that drives someone to suicide. As this series counts down the 13 Reasons Why the protagonist chose to commit suicide, a very real story behind closed doors is revealed. I will, someday, watch this story but more than likely not until I get a thicker skin as a parent.

Cable Girls

Cable girls Netflix originals

Creator: Ramon Campos, Gema R Neira

Seasons: 1

Starring: Blanca Suarez, Nadia de Santiago, Ana Fernandez

I’m pretty excited about this one after I watched the first five minutes and then got quickly pulled away by a teary baby. Cable Girls is my perfect cup of tea. A series set in the 1920s, the most perfect era in my opinion, which unravels the prejudice and chauvisim women in the workplace, and life in general, experience. A beautifully cast, produced and elegantly written narrative, Cable Girls has the chance of being my favourite old timey series.

Four young women set out to find their independence in dark and evocative Madrid in the 1920s. Whats not to love? Incredible fashion, love stories to boot and a massive amount of strong feminism as these four leading ladies carve out a role for themselves in a male world. With series two landing on Netflix on the 25th December, neither of us have an excuse not to watch this one.

Do you have a Netflix recommendation? Get in touch and tell me what’s on Your List!

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