Sunday Sit Down – Ashes from the Fire

Sunday Sit Down Ashes from the Fire Over Heaven's Hill Poetry

Welcome to this weeks Sunday Sit Down. Grab a cuppa and a comfy chair and sit down to read. One of the great things about doing this Sunday Sit Down Creative Writing Series, is stumbling across poety and short stories which I wrote, hid away and haven’t read in years. Today’s poem is almost a follow up of Lessons Learned. It is a poem about grandparents, older age and a child’s gentle innocence. I hope you enjoy it.

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Why I Stopped Using the Word “Just”

Why i stopped using the word just Over Heaven's Hill Parenting Blog

A year ago, a former Google Executive, Ellen Petry Leanse, wrote a piece on LinkedIn advising women to avoid using the word “just.” When I read Leanse’ article, I admit I initially felt a tinge of feminism wash over me. The words Woman and Permission and Passive jumped out from the screen with a hand ready for a slap and I instantly took offence. I am by no means a feminist, but I will advocate for women’s rights if it is something I believe strongly in – Repeal the 8th – and stand up for my beliefs as regards to women in society. It’s not something you can run away from being a woman and a mother raising a strong and determined daughter. Leanse’ opinion on women’s overuse of such a simple word started to make sense to me the more I looked at how often I actually included it in my daily life. I’m just saying…

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Blogging Best #5

Welcome back to another week of the Blogging Best. I’m so delighted to be on week five of this series which highlights incredible bloggers, their beautiful sites and most importantly their resounding voices. This week I am focusing on Fun Montessori Style Activities for Toddlers.

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In Conversation With: Emma Mathews

This week I had the pleasure of talking to Emma Mathews who is a freelance journalist and blogger. Emma is mum to one little boy and she shares her insight into parenting as a young mum, discussing the PPP – Perfect Pinterest Parent and following your child’s lead. Her positivity and love for her son is beautiful and I think we can all take a leaf out of Emma’s book.

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Table Time Look and Learn: Review

Patience waiting for dinner. Is it possible? Oh yes, it is! You know the drill, hungry stomachs and patience rarely go hand in hand. Especially when you call them to the dinner table and they watch you mill around the kitchen finishing dinner off and rushing for plates. “We want dinner, we want dinner,” knife and fork in hands slamming off the table. We were guilty of this when we were kids. Every parent knows distraction is key. And I’ve just uncovered the best distraction – and my goodness an educational tool too! Enter the Table Time Look and Learn tablecloth! Read more to see what it is and how you can order yours. Don’t forget to use our coupon code for a whopping 35% off!

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9 Chores a Toddler Can Do … but probably won’t 

I quite like the idea of encouraging A to start helping around the house and completing, or rather, attempting, a few chores. She’s hitting three in October and we can clearly see how much more mature and responsible she has gotten in the last year. She is well capable of understanding and completing a task asked of her but let’s face it, a toddler has to want to cooperate if any of that task is to be completed in some shape or form. Here are nine chores we’ve asked A to do with obvious mixed results. Remember, that toddler chores will always be hit and miss. But hey, who ever said the path to teaching a toddler ran smooth? This is my tongue-in-cheek guide to toddler chores and, more importantly, parental coping mechanisms.

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The Daddy Tag Challenge

Ahhh the Daddy Tag Challenge! I’ve yet to be nominated for the Mummy Tag Challenge – I’m clearly clamboring for a nomination here! – so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and nominate Papa Bear for #TheDaddyTag! A clever challenge issued by the very wonderful Frenchie Mummy. I was tempted to do as Frenchie said and make the answers up for B but he was very happy to oblige and take part. Check out his answers to the Daddy Tag Challenge. Of course I couldn’t help but add my own little tid-bit too!

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In Conversation With: Lucy at Home

Lucy at Home in Conversation With Over Heaven's Hill Parenting Blog

I am so excited to talk to Lucy this week who is a Stay-at-Home Mum and a fantastic blogger. In fact, Lucy has given me some tips on how to organise my own blogging life. It’s not easy being a Stay-at-Home Mum as she points out, but her list of positives out weigh any negatives there might be, and I just love the list! Lucy shares her thoughts with us on family life, being a mum and managing to find that all elusive balance between finding time to work on her blog and care for her kids. Remember to check out Lucy’s blog and say hi to her on twitter!

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Wooly Ward’s Farm – Teddy Bears Picnic Review

I really have to start this post off by saying, “What a day! Absolutely amazing!” Myself, my mum, A and her little cousin, F, made our way to Wooly Ward’s Farm in Oldtown, Co. Dublin, on Saturday to meet Goldilocks and Daddy Bear at the Teddy Bear’s Picnic. I wasn’t too sure what to expect from the day and we’ve never been to Wooly Ward’s Farm before so it was a brand new experience for all of us. To say that the day was a huge success is an understatement! Read on to check out our review of the Teddy Bears Picnic…

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