Bamboozled by Blogging

I’ve been blogging a month now! One whole month! Whoop Whoop Holla, Yayy me! Enough hooting my own horn, let me tell you that this has been one big old steep hill of a learning curve…Continue reading

Daddy’s Girl

A has B wrapped around her little finger. She is a Daddys Girl. She doesn’t know it. But she does. It’s been this way since she was born. B didn’t exactly prepare himself for fatherhoodContinue reading

In Conversation With: Dannie Kitten

I am so excited about this weeks In Conversation With. This is Week 2 of the new series on Over Heavens Hill. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to talk to so many awesome parents. This week I spokeContinue reading

Gaining Perspective

I had a post half written for today about how a week off with A, just me and her, ended up being a ‘so so’ week. Despite my excitement for having so much time offContinue reading