The Tin Year – Wedding Anniversary 

June is our wedding anniversary. We are married ten years – it’s our Tin Year. B has always made me laugh. He’s one of those guys that is scarily funny. He’s so quick with his comebacks that you can’t help but think, “How the hell did he come up with that one?” I remember sitting on the ‘phone chair’ – a large imposing wicker chair with padded cushions which is long since gone – talking to B on the corded phone in my parents house when I was seventeen and about to sit my leaving cert (end of school exams in our neck of the woods). I was laughing so hard that when I got off the phone my sister who is seven years older than me asked, “Is he really that funny?”

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One Thing I Hate About Being a Parent

That growing up from baby to toddler, from toddler to child is so quick. I know A is only two and a half and that she still waddles along on sturdy legs, has a cute toddler voice and still pulls the funny “ooh ooh” face when running after a ball which she’s done since nine months old. But she’s getting so big, gaining an independence and finding her own voice. But we’re lucky that we get to watch them grow up and learn.

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4 Easy Sensory Play Ideas for Toddlers

We have between 30 minutes to 1 hour of playtime and quality time with A after we fall in the door after work. We’re exhausted, probably stressed, and have a million and one things to do to get ready for the next day. Once dinner is made and eaten we make sure to involve family time into our daily evening routine. I love Sensory Play and watching A figuring out new and curious things. As time is limited in the evenings for us, I have a few sensory play ideas that work well when you’re short on time and resources.

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The Right to Say I’m Frickin Exhausted

Frick, I’m tired! No Exhausted! This morning was one of those “Dear God, no, I can’t get out of bed” mornings. Now that A is two and a half, I don’t feel like I actually have the right to tell the world just how exhausted I am. Gone are the night feeds, the sleepless nights, the 4am wakings with a baby who is ready for the day. And it was repetitive as any parent knows. Its not just a week or a month. Oh no that broken, almost lack of sleep lasts a looooooooooonnnnngg time.

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4 Things my Daughter Taught me this Weekend

This weekend has been the first real Summer weekend we’ve had as a family. The weather has only just picked up and because last year was full of house hunting, house moves (twice) and stress we’re only now feeling the benefit of real life and relaxing Summer days.

A has taught me a lot in such a few short days. She’s an incredible child, quick witted, independent and smart. If I follow her lead in life, I’ll go far I reckon. Just watching her this weekend has made me realise a lot about how I should feel as a person and a parent.

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Parenting Wish List No 1: the Defence Mechanisms of Nature

Parenting Wish List

Today I was eaten alive by the plants in our garden after I finally decided to tackle the forest it had become and do a spot of weeding. My arms and legs are covered in incredible scratches and tiny blood spots where plants latched on and tried to tell me to F@#k Off. I didn’t Eff Off. Nature is incredible. I want some of that incredible. It is most definitely on my parenting wishlist.

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Sunday Sit Down – Lily

Sunday Sit Down – Grab a coffee, comfy chair and have a read. Creative Writing to boost the soul. I wrote this story, Lily, for the Swords Writers Inaugural Short Story Competition in 2011 which was judged by Jacinta McDevitt. It won first place, I’m pleased to say. Evocative and descriptive, this is one of my favourite pieces I’ve written. Let me know what you think of Lily.

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Why Moving to the Countryside was the Best Decision for Our Family

Parenting and Family blog over heaven's hill moving to the countryside

I grew up in what was considered at the time to be a town. Over the years that town with its friendly and welcoming mentality turned into a city. It was a neighbourhood that turned into a suburban metropolis. I love where I grew up but since becoming a mother I knew I didn’t want to live there anymore or raise our daughter there. Moving to the countryside was the best decision for us.

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