Why Moving to the Countryside was the Best Decision for Our Family

Parenting and Family blog over heaven's hill moving to the countryside

I grew up in what was considered at the time to be a town. Over the years that town with its friendly and welcoming mentality turned into a city. It was a neighbourhood that turned into a suburban metropolis. I love where I grew up but since becoming a mother I knew I didn’t want to live there anymore or raise our daughter there. Moving to the countryside was the best decision for us.

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5 Tips on Returning to Work after Maternity Leave

5 Tips on Returning to Work after Maternity Leave Over Heaven's Hill Parenting Blog

B and I are both working parents. I love my job. B is “so, so” on his but he’s damn good at what he does. But it sucks. Whether, you work part time, full time, work from home with 1 kid, 2 kids or 6, it’s hard. The balance is torturous to try and get right. Parenting is difficult no matter what way you do it, whether you work or stay at home. There doesn’t seem to be a perfect balance, so we try to make the best of it. Returning to work after maternity leave was difficult. Here are my tips on returning to work to help make the transition smoother.

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Wonder Woman – Becoming Momma Bear

First Time Mother Parenting Family Lifestyle Blog Over Heavens Hill

I’m a mother two and a half years now and I think…. I think, I can finally say I’ve gotten used to this parenting lark. My husband of ten years, B, and I are lucky to be the ridiculously proud parents of a daughter who amazes and surprises us every day. A little girl who got us through some interestingly tough years and helped us power through to where we are in life now. Watching her grow and learn and laugh (my god that infectious laugh), has taught us so much about ourselves as people and parents.

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Writing Corner – Over Heaven’s Hill

Creative Writing Prose Poetry Parenting Family Lifestyle Blog Over Heavens Hill

I wrote short stories, poetry and of course those two “often mentioned, never read” half written novels. But life throws a curve ball. While I had little to no energy to write when I was pregnant and little to no time to write when our daughter, A, was born, I find that now as she wanders around the house owning every room and every cupboard, she has given me a glut of things to write about. Over Heaven’s Hill is a gateway for me to share my writings but most important my parenting ramblings.

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